Top and Big” investment economy in Iraq

Twilight News

43 minutes ago

The Investment Authority of Baghdad announced on Saturday investing “the highest and largest” glass ball in Iraq.

“TownCenter Mall is an international brand of clothing, perfumes, local brands, first class restaurants, cafés and games,” the agency said in a statement to the company.

“The project will be a qualitative addition to similar commercial centers in the region being constructed with a modern six-storey building, with a total area of 2,000 square meters.”

“The total area of the project is more than 15,000 meters. The first, second and third floors of the project include shops for international brands such as French broche, Italian Terranova, Italian Giorgio Armani, Abdul Samad Al Quraishi and Gulf perfume companies. Restaurants and the fifth floor will include a city of modern games of multiple originals from Spain, Italy and China has reached the site of the project recently.

“The sixth floor will be dedicated to the management of the mall and a set of cafeterias, while the glass ball will be the most important feature of the project, which is more than 30 meters above the ground and the area of 470 m 2 is a two-story restaurant run by a global agency called ), Which has a chain of restaurants around the world. In addition, the mall will be adorned with mobile lighting, which has reached the end stages. ”

The statement added that “the mall has a parking lot that can accommodate more than 200 cars.” He provided the project and will provide the future with “suitable job opportunities for various competencies, which is one of the goals of the Baghdad Investment Authority in providing suitable opportunities for the unemployed.”


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