Next Monday .. Abdul-Mahdi threatens to use the “red card” or “national option” to complete his government

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The MP for the Alliance of Reform Riad al – Masoudi, Saturday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi told the political blocs that he would resign or go towards the national option in the selection of ministers in the event of failure to reach a political agreement to complete his booth ministerial during the session next Tuesday. 
Masoudi said in a statement to the information that “the passage of the Prime Minister and 14 ministers did not get a political agreement between the blocks within the House of Representatives but were chosen not to exceed the constitutional terms in the selection of the government,” pointing out that “political differences between all the blocs are still ongoing on ministers The remaining eight within the ministerial cab. “
He added that “Abdul Mahdi set next Monday as a deadline for the political blocs to reach an agreement on the candidates for the remaining ministries,” noting that “Abdul-Mahdi will resign or go to the national option in the selection of ministers in the absence of a political agreement between the blocks within parliament to complete Ministerial cabinet during Tuesday’s session. ” 
He pointed out that “some of the political blocs that did not get ministerial positions seeking to undermine the government and obstruct the political process by insisting on one candidate to Istazaz one of the ministries, as well as exert pressure on Abdul-Mahdi to submit his resignation for the purpose of return to political quotas in the division of government positions.” 
The construction coalition expressed its desire to act as a larger bloc and bid farewell to coordination with the bloc and go to the parliament to complete the formation of the government.
The MP for the alliance Fath Ahmed Kanani has revealed, on Saturday, the existence of an internal Kurdish conflict on the Ministry of Justice, indicating that the Kurdistan Democratic Party strongly objected to the granting of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Ministry.


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