The National Axis applauds Mr. Sistani’s position and confirms his support for the reference to strengthen the political process



The National Axis Alliance, on Friday, endorsed the directives of the supreme authority, Ali al-Sistani, in dealing with the deviations of the political process and enhancing it in the coming stage.
A statement issued by the coalition received ‘news’ that ‘the directives of the Supreme Reference during the meeting with the head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq is our first priority in our political program, the basic criterion for evaluating the government program and the performance of the government and its executive bodies.’
He praised the national axis ‘of Mr. Sistani’s proposals in his calls to end the file of displacement and support programs return dignity, and commit the new government to rebuild the liberated cities, and to organize efforts to combat the destructive scourge of corruption, and all’ to enhance the independence of the Iraqi political decision, and open new horizons of work and contribute In providing employment opportunities for Iraqi youth ‘.
He continued that the axis ‘works in a serious and determined to strengthen bridges of cooperation and joint action between the legislative authority represented by the parliament and the executive authority represented by the government to ensure the completion of a project to build a state institutions included in the ideas of the Supreme Leader, Sistani’.

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