Parliamentary Planning: Finance failed to prepare the federal budget for 2019


Information / special … He added that “the Ministry of Finance failed to fail in the preparation of the budget for 2019 and complete the final accounts for the current year, as well as the failure in the field of appointments and the lack of knowledge of the existence of 14 thousand degrees of functional space in government departments,” noting that “all objections to the “The budget has come because of the financial failure to prepare them accurately.” The MP for the Alliance of Sowron Muzaffar Ismail has confirmed, earlier, that the members of the House of Representatives submitted 300 observations on the federal budget law for 2019, among the notes included the disbursement of 5% of the petrodollar funds to the oil-producing provinces.
between the Strategic Planning Committee and the monitoring of government performance by Mohammad Karim, on Monday, that the draft federal budget for 2019 , the law did not accurately prepare by the Ministry of Finance allocated to write items of the budget committee, while thedescription of the Ministry of Finance as “failed” as a result of financial failures Budgeting. 
Karim said in a statement to the “Information”, “The members of the House of Representatives had the intention and desire to reject the large and return the federal budget for the year 2019 of the government for the purpose of reformulating it again does not meet the needs of citizens,” pointing out that “the fear of the negative effects on the economy Citizens prevent the return of the budget to the government. “

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