Deputy: Abdul Mahdi will attend the parliament tomorrow with eight ministers



Information / special … 
The MP for the coalition of conquest Fadel Fatlawi, on Monday, Prime Minister Adel Abdul – Mahdi will attend the meeting tomorrow Tuesday to provide eight ministers to vote and complete the ministerial cab between the candidate who will be rejected will provide a replacement without delay. 
“The majority of the political blocs reached an agreement on the candidates for vacant ministries, which will be put by Abdul-Mahdi in a meeting on Tuesday,” he said, adding that “Abdul Mahdi is determined to complete the ministerial cabin and not to postpone any ministry.” 
He added that “the candidate who will be rejected during the vote in Parliament will be an alternative candidate for him,” noting that “the Prime Minister completed all legal procedures and address the bodies of integrity, accountability and justice to check the names of candidates.”
He pointed out that “the conquest is still insisting on granting Faleh Fayadh Interior Ministry and will be put to the vote after the failure to reach an agreement with a coalition going on in this regard,” noting that “the vote will be Faisal in the passage of Fayyad or not.” 
The Fatah Alliance has revealed, on Sunday, the nomination of the head of the National Security Service Qasim al-Araji substitute for Faleh al-Fayadh in case the latter did not pass the bag of the interior within the House of Representatives. 
The House of Representatives has allocated, the first Saturday, the next session on Monday, to complete the ministries vacant within the cabin of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. End 25 T

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