A source reveals what has been agreed to pass in tomorrow’s session of the remaining ministerial posts

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

Revealed a political source familiar with Sunday, what has been agreed to pass in the parliament session for tomorrow, while he confirmed that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbusi, received a response from accountability and justice on four ministers in the current government.

The source told “Al-Ghad Press” that “my meetings on Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to supplement the ministerial cabin of the government of Abdul-Mahdi.”

“He said that” Faleh Fayyad has been decided to nominate the Interior Ministry and will be voting on it, “explaining that” the mass of Asron will withdraw from the voting session. ”

He added that “the Sunni blocs submitted their candidates to the Ministry of Defense and they are three,” pointing out that “Faisal al-Jarba was excluded from the nomination.”

He explained that “the Ministry of Displacement and Migration resolved for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and Nuzat Hadi their candidate and there is no objection to it.”

The source said that “the President of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi, received the response from the accountability and justice and criminal research on four ministers in the current government.”



Halabousi discussed with the delegation of Badr parliamentary support of the current government

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, discussed Sunday with the Badr parliamentary delegation the support of the current government.

The Information Office, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, in a statement, received by “Al-Ghad Press,” that “Halbusi, received on Sunday, a delegation from the Badr parliamentary bloc, to discuss mechanisms to support the work of parliamentary committees and strengthen its oversight role, to support the current government, and during the meeting discussed The latest developments in political affairs, the mechanisms of completing the government cab, and the file of the federal budget.

He pointed out that “the meeting discussed the file of laws and legislative decisions deferred that the country needs to apply, including the law of oil and gas, and the Social Security Law, and the need to participate all parliamentary blocs in the crystallization of a common vision supports the adoption of projects and important laws.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, according to the statement on “his keenness to support the private sector in the country, through the enactment of several laws contribute to the recovery of the Iraqi economy,” stressing at the same time, “the need to unite all political forces to overcome the security, economic and political challenges in the country” .


Kirkuk doubled the export of its oil to Turkey across the region

A field in the province of Kirkuk

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An official in the Iraqi oil sector that the North Oil Company, raised its export capacity of crude oil through the pipeline in the Kurdistan region, to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, an average of 100 thousand barrels per day.

The official, who preferred not to be named, said «the rates of export of crude oil from the fields of northern Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, rose to 100 thousand barrels per day, through the pipeline, after the Kurdistan last week of about 50 thousand barrels per day».

Last week, Iraq began resuming the pumping of crude oil from Kirkuk’s northern fields through the Kurdistan pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan at a rate of 50 thousand barrels per day after a halt of more than a year due to the political dispute between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Last Friday, it resumed exports of oil. This comes after the new government in Baghdad agreed to an interim agreement with Erbil.

This development is helping to address the shortage of Iranian crude in the region after Washington imposed new sanctions on Tehran.

Sources in the sector said the inflows resumed at an average level of 50-60,000 bpd compared with peak levels of 300,000 barrels per day in some 2017 months, but it is unclear when and to what extent these supplies will increase.

Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad confirmed the resumption of oil exports, adding that an agreement had been reached to resume flows at 50-100 thousand barrels per day.

Jihad said the resumption of Kirkuk shipments between 50-100 thousand barrels per day will not enhance the total exports of Iraq, adding that the ministry will cover the needs of some refineries in the north of the country from the oil fields in the south.

Jihad said that the ministry will create a balance, meaning that the shipments of Kirkuk, which was feeding some of the refineries in the north will be compensated from the south.

The agreement shows that new Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban are ready to work with Erbil despite previous tensions and the independence referendum, which failed to achieve its goal in September 2017.

The suspension of exports from Kirkuk in October 2017 stopped the flow of about 300,000 barrels per day from Iraq towards Turkey and international markets, causing a net loss of revenues of about $ 8 billion in the last year.

Most of Iraq’s exports come from the fields of the south, but Kirkuk is among the largest oil fields and the oldest in the Middle East, estimated recoverable oil reserves there about 9 billion barrels.

Exports have been suspended since the federal government regained control of Kirkuk from the province of Kurdistan in 2017.

The Kurds took control of Kirkuk and its oil fields after the withdrawal of the army from them in 2014 in a confrontational confrontation


Security official reveals: Green will not open for this serious reason!



Sunday 25 November 2018 5:00 pm

BAGHDAD / A security official revealed on Sunday why he did not open the “fortified” Green Zone in front of citizens, while stressing that this decision will not see the light.

“The decision to open the Green Zone is not deliberate, and was rushed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and this decision will not be published during the coming period for many reasons,” the official told Iraq News.

“For these reasons, the Green Zone can not be adequately protected, especially if there are popular demonstrations. There is fear that demonstrators will enter the state institutions in the region if the streets are opened,” the official said, asking not to be named.

The security official added that “the decision to stop the opening of parts of the streets of the Green Zone, came after the warnings of high security authorities to put the security zone in particular, which includes important government institutions, and other embassies and international missions.”


Deputy reveals the US pressure on Abdul Mahdi to prevent the opening of green fully

16:39 – 25/11/2018


Information / special …

MP alliance building Fadel Fatlawi, Sunday, exposure of Prime Minister Adel Abdul – Mahdi to pressure from the US embassy not to open the Green Zone completely in front of traffic, attributing the delay to open not to complete maintenance streets and rehabilitate completely.

“The next few days will see the opening of a large number of main streets inside the Green Zone in front of traffic,” he said, adding that “the government faced great pressure from the US embassy not to open the Green Zone fully, but that Abdul Mahdi Refused to comply with those pressures. ”

He added that “next week will be partially open to the main streets linking the Green Zone and the sides of Rusafa and Karkh,” noting that “the other part of the region will be opened fully during the next phase.”

He explained that “the reason for not delay the opening of the green to the lack of completion of maintenance and rehabilitation of the streets by the Secretariat of Baghdad.”

The Baghdad provincial council has confirmed on Sunday that the security forces and the secretariat of Baghdad will allow the entry of small wheels saloon and taxi to the open roads in the Green Zone after being subjected to a thorough inspection as was done under the previous government.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi confirmed that efforts were continuing to reopen the Green Zone



Iraq, November 25, 2018

DUBAI (Reuters) – Trade Bank of Iraq, Standard Chartered (STAN.L) and General Electric (GE.N) closed a $600 million financing agreement to fund a power project in Iraq, the trio said on Sunday.

Aimed at delivering more than two gigawatts of new power to Iraq, the ‘Power up Plan’ was part of the country’s rebuilding and modernization scheme, the parties said in a statement.

The financing agreement is the largest bespoke letter of credit confirmation and discounting transaction of its kind in the region.

Iraq’s government has been striving to close a gap between electricity demand and supply.



Barzani’s policy dissolves ice with Baghdad and Najaf .. Saadoun: the democratic decision was made with everyone without exception

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In the red carpet, Baghdad and Najaf received the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani. Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halboussi violated the rules of the protocol by standing at the ladder of the private plane that took Barzani to receive him and the delegation accompanying him, along with one of the most prominent Shiite leaders (Hadi Al Ameri, Two had the upper hand in the formation of the current government starting with the arrival of its president, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and was the second leader of the Sadrist movement and the sponsor of the alliance of Sadr’s followers.

The red carpet was repeated even in Barzani’s bilateral meetings with other leaders in Baghdad, as well as in Najaf, where Sadr was at the head of his future, perhaps in response to Barzani’s reception of Sadr at Erbil airport years ago.

The story has more than an explanation, both from those who accompanied the Kurdish leader to Baghdad, those who met him during official meetings, or from leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

In his interpretation of Barzani’s unprecedented warm reception, Mohsen al-Sadoun, a leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and former head of the Iraqi parliament’s legal committee, said: “Massoud Barzani is the last big leader who has remained in the Iraqi political scene of opposition leaders, Change so far “.

“The visit came after many variables, both in Baghdad and Erbil, as well as that Barzani did not come to Baghdad for more than two years, in addition to the results of the referendum and the need to start new understandings with all parties, That “the great victory achieved by the Democratic Party, both in the federal elections, which came in the forefront, as well as in the regional elections, proved the strength of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, which saw him to open a new page with everyone without exception.

Al-Saadoun said that there is a new policy for the Democratic Party, and he believes that there is a chance to resolve the outstanding problems with Baghdad.

“The visit came to confirm Barzani’s support for the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the need to supplement the cabinet cabins, in addition to a review of the political process and the development of a roadmap,” said former MP of the Movement for Change Massoud Haider, who moved to the Kurdistan Democratic Party and came to Baghdad as part of the delegation accompanying Barzani. And solid foundations to address all the problems of Iraq; political, security, economic and constitutional, including the issues between the region and Baghdad, especially the disputed areas, specifically Kirkuk.

Haidar, who was close to the atmosphere of talks and meetings, added that “the depth of historical relations between the components of the Iraqi people and the political forces has been stressed, the need to benefit from the past and look forward to the future and serve all components of the Iraqi people.”

“The leaders discuss and agree on the frameworks and guidelines, and these things are translated on the ground later,” he explained, noting that “Barzani’s visit has eroded the ice between Baghdad and Erbil, and contributed to addressing major issues in the process The results of which will appear in the foreseeable future, after the completion of the ministerial cabins, including the principles of partnership in decision-making, compatibility in legislation and the balance of components in federal state institutions. ”



Central: The cash mass outside the banks amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars during October

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The Iraqi Central Bank revealed on Sunday that the cash mass outside the Iraqi banks during the month of October last amounted to more than 40 trillion dinars.

The bank said in its official statistics, which was seen by “Economy News”, that “the amount of currency outside the banks amounted to 40 trillion and 723 billion dinars in October,” noting that “this amount rose from September, which amounted to 39 trillion and 815 billion and 884 million dinars “He said.

The bank added that “the highest level of currency outside banks during the past three years was in December 2016, where it reached 42 trillion and 75 billion dinars, while the lowest level of currency during this period in June 2016, which amounted to 35 trillion and 168 billion Dinar”.