Parliament votes on the financial committee to take the task of investigating the facts in the drowning coin and the building of the Central Bank {extended}


Release date: 2018/11/24 17:10 
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives held its {15} under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al Halbusi and the presence of 219 deputies.
A statement by the Information Department of the House of Representatives, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The beginning of the session, which began to recite verses from the Holy Quran, the President of the Council to include the request submitted by MP Uday Awad and the location of 100 deputies to form an investigative committee on the privatization of the distribution sector Electric power and the files of the contracts of the company «Car and Qian» and working in the field of refineries, on the agenda of the next session. 
On the request of the deputy for the province of Kirkuk Dylan Ghafour and 54 deputies on the problems occurring between the peasants of the components of the preservation of agricultural land, the President of the Council of Security and Defense and Agriculture committees and regions and provinces not organized in the region in coordination with the deputy to resolve the issue. 
The Council voted by majority to assume the Finance Committee task of the Commission on the truth in the project of the new building of the Central Bank and file drowning currency in the building of Rafidain Bank.
The Presidency of the Council decided, in agreement with the members, to postpone the vote on the judges nominated for the Federal Court of Cassation to the next meetings. 
In their interventions on the IDP camps, the members of the Council demanded the end of the displaced persons’ file and return them to their areas and compensate the victims financially and morally and calling on the international organizations and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society to intervene and help them return to their areas. 
On the other hand, members stressed the need to take advantage of rain and divert water to the rivers to benefit from them and to build dams to absorb the floods and consider the areas that have been hit by the floods and the exhaustion of all state institutions to deal with these floods and compensate the affected and the delivery of necessary assistance to them and the formation of a parliamentary committee to visit these areas. 
The Council also voted on the following resolution:
First: Forming a crisis cell and providing the efforts of the concerned ministries of the state concerned and giving full powers to deal with the crisis. 
Second: Provide the necessary allocations to compensate the affected and restore the stability of liberated cities to ensure the return of displaced persons from the emergency reserve for the year 2018 or through the Ministry of Finance to conduct transfers to provide the necessary funds. 
Third: Increase the allocations of liberated cities and the allocation of displaced persons in the budget of 2019. 
The President of the Council announced the intention of the Prime Minister to send the names of ministers to complete the cabinet cabin during the next two days after receiving them from the government and the names and biographies of members before 48 hours of voting. 
The meeting was adjourned and resumed at the invitation of the Presidency at a later date


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