A breakthrough in the voting on the remaining ministries, an alternative plan for the interior and three candidates for the defense

08:18 – 24/11/2018

Private – Mawazin News

After a month of tension and attraction, the voting crisis on the remaining eight ministries in the cabin of Adel Abdul Mahdi to the end, as a result of the agreement to submit candidates to vote on Monday.

“The political blocs agreed with Adel Abdul Mahdi to put the cabinet cab remaining on Monday to vote, whether to reject the candidates or accept them,” a parliamentary source said in an interview with “Mawazin News” that “it is up to the members of the House of Representatives.”

He added that “the CVs of the candidates were sent to the Commission of Integrity, Accountability and Adequacy, to ensure that they are not covered by their actions,” noting that “the former candidates of the remaining cabin will be put to vote.”

He pointed out that “the Fatah alliance decided to choose an alternative candidate for the Ministry of the Interior in the case of rejection of Fayadh, while the Ministry of Defense there are three names will be submitted one of them and if rejected will resort to the second or third.”

The source confirmed that “next Monday will be the completion of the file of the vote on the cabinet cabaret, until the start of the selection of chairmen of the committees.”


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