War: Parliament’s decision to stop all Abbadi appointments during the caretaker government


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The legal expert Tariq Harb said on Wednesday that the parliament’s vote to suspend the decisions of former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during the caretaker government included all the appointments and contracts granted by the previous government, while Abadi has no legal right to appeal these decisions

“The parliament has the constitutional and legal right to take a decision to stop the decisions of the caretaker government, but it was the first if a law is enacted and not a decision that the constitution deals with the laws,” said the war, “The decision included all appointments and contracts Which was taken during the period of the caretaker government until the beginning of the formation of the new government.

He added that “the current government is legally entitled to appeal the decision of the House of Representatives, which stopped all decisions of the caretaker government, but the former Prime Minister Haider Abadi is not entitled to do so,” noting that “all appointments and decisions taken by Abadi since July 1 last And until the twenty-fourth of October is currently suspended and no trace of it. “

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday on the wording of a resolution on the decisions of the previous government during the period of business to stop the work of its decisions since the first of July until October 24.

The former Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi has taken a number of decisions during the period of the caretaker government to appoint a number of personalities with special degrees and conclude contracts with foreign companies in the field of electric power and other fields.


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