URGENT President leaves for Rome

Release date: 2018/11/21 20:22

BAGHDAD (AFP) – President Barham Salih left Baghdad on Wednesday for an official visit to Italy to participate in the Mediterranean Dialogue.

Saleh will deliver a speech at the conference, in which he will talk about Iraq’s vision of its international relations from the perspective of cooperation based on the principle of common interests, and in a way that enhances the chances of building, progress and freedom.

The “Dialogue of the Mediterranean” is an annual event organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Italian Institute for International Political Studies. It aims at arranging meetings and dialogues between decision-makers in the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East region.

During the visit, the President will meet Pope Francis, Italian President Sergio Matarilla and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as well as a number of Italian officials for talks on bilateral relations and ways to develop them.


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