The American Peace Institute calls on Saleh to talk about his vision for the future of Iraq

Editorial Date: 2018/11/13 17:09 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) called the American Institute of Peace President Barham Saleh to visit and talk about his vision for the future of Iraq. 
“Saleh received a congratulatory message from the president of the American Peace Institute, Nancy Lindborg, on the occasion of his assumption of the post of president of the republic,” a presidential statement said.
“On behalf of the American Peace Institute, we congratulate you on your recent assumption of the post of President of Iraq,” said Lindborg, “while Iraq has made significant strides towards easing the conflict and defeating extremism, I am sure that the Iraqi people are still facing many challenges. You have a difficult task in the coming years. ” 
The Institute for American Peace is an independent, non-party institution created by Congress. The mission of the Institute is to prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflicts around the world through direct engagement in conflict areas, providing the necessary analysis, education and resources for those who work. For peace”.
Since 2003, the Institute for Peace has been providing training and support to civil society organizations and public institutions in Iraq, and has been working continuously since 2003 to promote peace and stability by building Iraqi capacity and supporting peacebuilding initiatives. To enable them to promote partnership between components and reconciliation. ” 
“Given the technical expertise and experience of the Institute in Iraq, I hope you will see us as a resource to help the Iraqi people and government to meet the challenges facing Iraq and its efforts towards reconciliation,” she said. “We have a great team in Iraq and Washington DC. Iraq through the transition period. “
“I take this opportunity to invite you to speak at the American Institute of Peace when you visit Washington next time, and I believe that the American Peace Institute, decision makers, experts and the American public will greatly benefit from the opportunity to learn more about your vision for the future of Iraq. And I am ready to discuss ways of providing assistance and cooperation with you and with the Government of Iraq in the future. “

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