Association of Iraqi private banks organizes economic information workshop



Economy News _ Baghdad

On Tuesday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized an economic information workshop at the association’s headquarters. 
The economic and economic adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Samir al-Nusairi during the workshop, and attended by “Economy News”, “The economic media specialist role is important in creating economic stability and beyond to contribute to economic reform and enable and assist the organs and institutions of the state concerned to control the economic problems and dissemination Economic culture and avoid failures because economic media should be a national economic awareness of the word and meaning. “
“The media and the economy are in a multi-faceted and lasting partnership, both on the same front to face the challenges they face together. If we assume that the economy can make successful media, the media can certainly make a successful economy, Media if they have specialized economic leaders and aware of the role of national media. ” 
He pointed out that “the experience of Iraq in this area is considered modern and began after 2003, when the media was in the hands of the state and was directed centrally. Now, the media is moving in multiple directions to the media that serves the direction of the government and the direction of serving parties and political blocs and an independent trend that constitutes a qualitative and quantitative space in life Political and economic situation in Iraq. “
For his part, Spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said that “the economy needs support and support in the promotion, analysis, planning and support in order to deliver a distinguished message to the audience, whether through the press, television or radio or the modern media and social media channels through Twitter and Facebook And YouTube. 
“The economic media, which can provide a meaningful message and serve the economy and economic institutions, will attract an important segment of society that will continue to achieve strategic goals in supporting the national economy and developing the work of productive, financial and banking institutions. Economic. ”

One thought on “Association of Iraqi private banks organizes economic information workshop

  1. hummm… looks like a total of 11 participants. Some how I would have thought that The Association of Iraqi Private Banks would have been a little,,, umm, bigger?


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