Abdulmahdi: The ministerial cab will be completed soon

07:47 – 13/11/2018

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Tuesday, that the completion of the delivery of the cabinet cabin in the coming days, while referring to the travel of a committee for the formulation of oil in the Kurdistan region.

“It was necessary to form the government before the end of the constitutional term and the government is strong and hear all the assessments and observations about any minister and we work on a compromise and an agreement to complete the squad in the coming days,” Abdul Mahdi told a weekly conference attended by Mawazine News.

He added: “We discussed in the meeting of the three presidencies various topics and directions of the government towards the reconstruction and development of services, in addition to what we reached in the task of completing the cabinet cab and the tour of the President of the Gulf.”

“According to the government program, we have serious work for all the problems and needs of the provinces that are cherished in the basic services sectors and we are working to find realistic solutions in time,” he said.

He continued: “We discussed with the Electoral Commission for the functioning of its work according to the law and constitutional entitlements and the completion of voting cards.”

He explained that “Baghdad is witnessing an international economic demonstration to attract international companies in the areas of construction and reconstruction represented by the Baghdad International Fair and this serves the aspirations of our people and trade exchange.”

He said, “The mini-formed committee is part of the region, and will go next week to the parliament on the budget of Halabja and the issue of drafting oil in the Kurdistan region.”

Abdulmahdi: The ministerial cab will be completed soon07:47 – 13/11/2018

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