Agents of Change: the Opportunity for Tech in Iraq

12th November 2018 in Iraq Industry & Trade News, Iraqi Communications News

IBBC Tech Conference

Sunday 25 November

The Address, Dubai Marina

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is bringing together the leading companies involved in Tech in Iraq to discuss the various strands of Tech and the evident possibilities for investment and engagement.

Interest in Tech in Iraq is rising rapidly, with a growing number of start-up hubs and University Entrepreneur Platforms, and especially within financial services as payments and transactions are increasingly automated.

IBBC wants to encourage development of the Tech sector in Iraq as a means to modernise the economy, provide new services for Business, Government and Consumer sectors, to support Education, Health, Finance and Energy sectors, and encourage jobs and activity for young people.

The Tech Conference will focus on three key areas of business opportunity:

The Start-up Economy

E-Government & Citizen


Lead participants include Khudairi Group, Restrata Group, EY, Citi, Avaya, KRG Information Technology Department, Microsoft and SAP with more to be confirmed soon.

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Ashley Goodall of IBBC says:

“Tech industry is capable of rapid development, not only among young people, but also through investors and companies. We have witnessed London’s rise to be Europe’s lead tech destination in just 8 years and IBBC expect the opportunities in Iraq to take off similarly, as the country modernises and evolves educational and job opportunities for young people.”

IBBC is calling for more people and companies to invest into Iraq’ start-ups and to establish their businesses in the country. Attend our conference, free of charge, to hear about the unique opportunities on offer and the exciting new developments in the Tech Sector in Iraq.

The Tech Conference takes place in the Address Hotel, Dubai on Sunday 25thNovember from 2pm.

For more information please contact IBBC here –

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Custodian of the United Bank for Investment: United Bank of the banks that work hard in Iraq



Economy News Baghdad:

The governor of the United Bank for Investment, Imad Abdul Hassan Jihad, announced that the United Bank is one of the most reliable banks operating in the country.

Abdul-Hassan said in a press statement received by “Economy News”, that “United Bank for investment is one of the banks, despite the tough circumstances that passed, which is a reflection of the current conditions experienced by the country during the past years.”

“We would like to show that the replacement of the previous administration with a new administration by the Central Bank of Iraq is a confirmation of the status of the bank in the banking sector of Iraq.”

He pointed out that “United Bank is committed to its customers to pay all their dues and receive their deposits and continue to provide banking services to customers in all branches operating.”

President of the Association of Iraqi private banks: Iraq does not build only his sons



Side of the conference
 Emaar Construction

Economy News Baghdad

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, stressed the need to build a generation of young people capable of building their cities destroyed by terrorism, stressing the need for an attractive environment to invest in these cities.

He said during the conference “Emancipation of liberated areas” held on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair, and attended by “Economy News”, “Iraq is built only by his sons,” stressing the “need to build a generation capable of this construction.”

He added that “to achieve the construction process must be provided jobs for them through loans and initiatives provided by the banking sector in Iraq,” pointing to “the need to provide investment environment for investors in liberated areas and give priority to the firm companies as well as the elimination of bureaucratic procedures.”

The governor of Anbar, Ali al-Dulaimi, said on the sidelines of the conference that the damage to the infrastructure structures ranged from 80 to 90 percent, pointing to the synergy that led to the return of a large part of the displaced within four months of liberation.

He stressed that the province does not know how much its share of the “Kuwait Conference”, “counting on the completion of the government lineup,” as he put it.

He added that Anbar province will witness the establishment of several projects in the next year, including the sewage project worth 140 billion dinars.

Meanwhile, the director of the municipality of Mosul, Abdul Sattar Khader al-Habo, said that “Da’ash destroyed on the right side 12,000 housing units, and the Shifa Medical Complex, which is similar to the medical city in Baghdad, was completely destroyed.”

Central Bank: We have come a long way in enhancing Iraq’s status


The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alaq, Sunday 11 November 2018, that the actions taken by the bank was sufficient to move Iraq to the normal follow-up area.
“The banking procedures that we have taken have gone a long way in strengthening Iraq’s position in the AML / CFT classification, which today is a key and important issue in Iraq,” Al-Aallak said at the signing ceremony of the National Bank of Iraq, a memorandum of understanding with the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Cooperation between financial institutions and between countries.
He added that the classification that we obtained by the International Labor Organization, which transferred Iraq during the last few years from the gray area to the region continued follow-up and then we were able to reach the region the normal follow-up to which all countries are subject.
“This new indicator will enable all international financial institutions to open their doors and their relationship with our banking institutions in Iraq,” he said.
The Central Bank of Iraq was established as an independent bank under its law of 6 March 2004 as an independent body responsible for maintaining price stability and implementing monetary policy. It supervises 10 commercial banks, 26 private banks and 16 Islamic banks, as well as 19 foreign banks. 6 financial institutions and 31 financial transfer companies.

An Iraqi delegation is visiting Russia in preparation for Putin’s visit to Baghdad

 Journal News

An Iraqi delegation is to visit Russia to take part in the annual conference of the Strategic Vision Group of Russia and the Islamic World, which began Sunday,  as well as the coordination of President Putin’s visit to Iraq, and urged Russia to invest its weight in the region to adopt an initiative to stop the war in Yemen.

“Hamoudi, who is currently visiting Russia for the annual conference of the Strategic Vision Group of Russia and the Islamic World, which is taking place in Makhachkala, the capital of the republic of Dagestan, on November 13, visited Mr. Mikhail, Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Putin’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa. “

“Hamoudi discussed with Bogdanov bilateral relations between the two countries, which witnessed a major development in the economic field and convergence of political views, as well as coordination of President Putin’s visit to Iraq, and urged Russia to invest its weight in the region to adopt an initiative to stop the war in Yemen.

He continued, “Hamoudi made a proposal to the Russian government through Mr. Bogdanov to have its own initiative to resolve the crisis in Yemen, especially in light of the international consensus on its human dimension,” stressing that “Russia gained a special position through its credibility in its position in Syria and the problems of the region, With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, Egypt and the countries of the region in general, and is aware of everything that is going on, which can be invested in ending the war in Yemen, “noting that” relying on parties is the cause of war and contribute to it can not solve the problem. “

“The two sides are radicalizing many Iraqi issues and what Russia can contribute to supporting Iraq’s stability and developing bilateral economic relations, especially under the new government, which has a promising platform,” he said.

Saleh: We will hand over to Kuwait a batch of its assets and guidance materials


Editorial Date: 2018/11/11 15:29 

INA -BAGHDAD] President Barham Salih said Iraq would hand over to Kuwait a batch of its Kuwaiti assets and materials in the coffers of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.
“The Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah received on Sunday President Barham Salih, who is visiting Kuwait as the first leg of his Gulf tour which he started today,” the presidential statement said. 
“The Amir renewed his congratulations to Barham Saleh on the occasion of assuming the post of President of the Republic, expressing his full confidence in his sovereignty in the development of relations between the two countries The 
statement quoted the Amir of Kuwait as saying that” Kuwait will spare no effort to help Iraq and stand by its side in the reconstruction phase after Eliminate terrorist bandit gangs.
For his part, Saleh stressed the “depth of relations between the two brotherly countries which have become a model in the region,” pointing out that the opening of his Gulf tour from Kuwait is a message in itself to prove the importance of relations between the two brotherly countries. He also called for the need for Iraq and Kuwait to have a united position in international and regional forums by virtue of the similarity of the circumstances and interests of the two brotherly peoples. ” 
He noted” the need to unite the two countries together to achieve full stability in the region to work opportunities for young people are available and are reconstruction, noting that the peoples of the region suffered greatly from the effects of the dispute and the need to consider the future of the wor For him, “he said , ” We found the Prince real support for Iraq in order and rebuild this out of his wisdom and his love for Iraq and its people, “he said . ” We are determined to overcome the vestiges of the past and look towards the future and focus on our common interests. “
He also called for the establishment of new transport routes and railways for the end of economic and cultural relations between the two countries and peoples. ” 
Saleh reiterated his full solidarity with the leadership, government and people of Kuwait. in the flood crisis, he is stressing that “Iraq stands ready at the popular and official levels with the help of the State of Kuwait to overcome the crisis.” 
President of the Republic pointed out that “his visit to the State of Kuwait will deliver a batch of property and archival materials in the Kuwaiti cabinets The Iraqi Foreign Ministry, that the rest of the property delivered on subsequent payments. “



Welcome and historic first visit by President and FM to to further strengthen ties between two founding partners. Iraq’s regional integration is an important element to the lasting defeat of ISIS and long-term revitalization.

Halaboussi spokesman: the three presidencies agree to pass the remaining ministries “at once”

Halaboussi spokesman: the three presidencies agree to pass the remaining ministries “at once”






To avoid pressure on Abdul Mahdi ..


The spokesman for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, on Sunday, the agreement of presidencies to refrain from disclosing the content of its last meeting, indicating that this action came to ensure that there is no pressure on the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on the subject of names of candidates for vacant ministries, indicating that the voting process will be a boost One, no bag will be delayed.

“The joint coordination of the legislative and executive authorities since the beginning of the electoral cycle gave good indications of the validity of the steps following the process of forming the government and implementing its program,” said Mohammad al-Tai.

Al-Taie added that “the meeting of the three presidencies, which was held yesterday, was the basis for coordinating the completion of the cabinet, and this is evidence of the existence of such coordination”

He pointed out that “the executive branch, including President Barham Saleh and Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, feel that there is support obtained from the legislative authority, led by Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi.”

“The payment is still going on in order to complete the executive authority as one of the factors of success and readiness to provide better for the Iraqi people,” he said.

He pointed out that “the presidencies went to not to disclose all the details of the meeting until the completion of the cabinet cab to submit the remaining candidates, and this option we find the most correct and the best.”

“The circulation of timing, mechanisms and names of candidates and the distribution of positions enter the Council of Ministers and Representatives in embarrassment, and not to disclose the course of the meeting was the appropriate procedure.”

The spokesman for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, “The legislative authority in Iraq ready as a recipient of government action, and Halbusi urged both Saleh and Abdul-Mahdi on the need to quickly fill vacant ministries according to constitutional contexts.”

“The House of Representatives will not wait a long process to pass the rest of the ministries, and therefore the government to complete the executive benefits, through the payment of good names and expedited delivery.”

Al-Taei called on “Abdul-Mahdi to decide his order soon, and check the names of candidates in his possession, and that the information we have is that he has completed many names.”

“Initial indications are that the names will be put in one session and there will be no further fragmentation of the candidates. The remaining ministries should be dissolved in one go so that we will not enter into new ones,” al-Tai said.

For his part, the MP for the construction block Ahmed Mazhar Jubouri in an interview to “the new morning,” that “dialogues with Abdul-Mahdi is still continuing on the completion of the ministerial cabin.”

“Jubouri said that” the meeting of presidencies would overcome many obstacles, especially if the issue is related to joint coordination to support the candidates and pass them within the House of Representatives. ”

He pointed out that “the biggest difference now gets the security ministries, because the Ministry of Defense competing for about five candidates so far.”

Jubouri hopes that “Abdul-Mahdi to the names of the convergence of the acceptance of the House of Representatives, and put forward as soon as possible.”

In turn, the MP for the bloc reform and reconstruction Mohamed Khalidi that “the differences between the blocks are still complex and caused by the large number of candidates also for ministerial positions.”

He added Khalidi in a comment to “the new morning,” that “a section of the blocks did not resolve the matter internally to submit one candidate, and this as a whole will disrupt the vote on the remaining ministries.”

He advised “the need to give Abdul-Mahdi the freedom to choose the best and not to pressure him and that the names have integrity and efficiency.”

It is noteworthy that the three presidencies had held their first meeting on the night of the first day to discuss the file completion of the ministerial cabin and the subject of the budget.,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700214&usg=ALkJrhiqtM1t_y1tpviJlnNs8j9NhhBdqg