Zobaie reveals to the Euphrates new candidates for defense and hinted at a parliamentary surprise


Editorial Date: 2018/11/9 23:22 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News} Revealed leader of the Coalition for Reform and Reconstruction, MP Talal Zobaie, for new candidates to take over the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense in the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.
“There are parties who wanted a substitute for the candidate of the Ministry of Defense [Faisal Al-Jarba] ​​and were nominated (Mahmoud al-Shammari) and Thamir Sultan,” two former army officers and two advisers in the Ministry of Defense and their fortunes good in taking over The post, in addition to the nomination of Salah al-Jubouri, and Kamel Dulaimi. ” 
And revealed, “the nomination of leadership in the national, Salim Jubouri [former Speaker of the House of Representatives] for the post of Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Planning is fit for management as a legal man.” 
He stressed that “the decision of the candidate in the hands of the President of the National Iyad Allawi as a share or electoral entitlement to the coalition,” stressing that “this does not mean we want a partisan minister and not be a tool for the candidate and independent.”
Al-Zobaie said that “the vote will be held on the rest of the ministers next week,” pointing out “a change in the candidates of the ministries of education, planning, defense, culture and justice, and I think the ministries will be decided to vote in one go.” 
He considered the “objection {year} coalition building on the national candidate for defense his goal of disruption.” 
Zobaie criticized the mechanism of voting to give confidence to the cabinet or the adoption of laws by lifting the hands of the deputies and not be counted accurately. ” 
He said that” the vote by a clear majority has become a flawed way, “noting that” ministers in the government of Abdul Mahdi went by 50 votes only if there was a secret vote of what happened Ministers of parliamentary confidence and this is counted on the presidency of parliament, “he said.
He added that “Abdul Mahdi, we did not imagine that this government is so weak,” noting that “there are good ministers in this government and if the prime minister implemented government programs and adhere to it, things are going on for the better and otherwise we will go to ruin,” as he put it. 
“This last opportunity and parliament to make the government succeed and everyone is responsible for it,” Zobaie said. 
The head of the parliamentary integrity committee said that “many of the blocks accused of corruption have a stronger influence than the former and there are directors of the ministries control the ministries more than the minister himself,” adding that “the corrupt are stronger than the blocks.” According to him. 
“So far he is not optimistic about the government of Abdul Mahdi because of this beginning and the problems in its formation, but we will wait his 100 days.” 
Al-Zobaie revealed that “some of the names of the candidates in the cabinet cabin changed during the coming of Abdul-Mahdi to parliament,” saying “the government of Haider Abadi much better than the government of Abdul-Mahdi.” According to his words. 
Promised “the work of the previous government distinguished over the past four years and achieved a lot of positive and won on terrorism and overcome the economic crisis and has become a long-time slaves in corruption and should be rewarded by renewing his second term,” as he put it. 
He said, “There are large blocks and strong did not want the return of slaves to fight corruption and close the rival and most blocks worked to block him to prevent tampering parties in the ministries,” revealing “
Al-Zobaie accused parties – not named – of trying to hit the project of reform and moderation, “stressing that” our ambition to remain a coalition of reform and reconstruction and the number of 148 deputies and the next election in the same bloc or larger, “noting that” there is no stability of Iraq with the existence of this large number of parties should be in the country ‘s two parties or three no more as it is in several countries of the world. ” 
he noted , ” We wanted the election law not to transfer deputy or someone from a party to another, but we have seen the wonder in this current election cycle because of the large disparity in the number of electoral votes and buying votes and receivables This is a blow and a destabilization of the political process Daye must be cut off and suppress mass and head of the party in control of the cluster system. ” He 
also stressed that” the nomination will be subject to the procedures of accountability, justice, criminal, integrity and efficiency. “
Zobaie pointed to “his appeal to the Federal Court in legal irregularities with the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Mohamed Halboussi) and waited to invalidate the election in the month of December next.” 
“The most prominent of these irregularities turn the process of voting from secret to public, as well as the age of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which must exceed 40 years and be the election of the President in the first session of the House of Representatives,” adding that “MPs voted and did not lead the constitutional right and enough That make the session of the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives invalid, “unlikely that” the political decision is higher than the independence of the judiciary because it is a safety valve for the political process. ” 
Zobaie denied “the existence of any personal dispute between him and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi.”

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