US Gives Iraq 45 Days to Halt Its Business Ties with Iran


US Gives Iraq 45 Days to Halt Its Business Ties with Iran

ERBIL – Although Iraq has been granted an exemption to the US sanctions on Iran, it will not be allowed to have business ties with the neighboring country more than 45 days, a US official explained.

According to the official, Baghdad should end any purchases to natural gas from Tehran and halt its oil exporting to the Islamic Republic.v

“It is for 45 days only, and it is for electricity payments, because of the conditions in Iraq’s south, in Basra,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, Andrew Peek told Kurdistan 24.

“The reality right now is that Iraq has to import some electricity and gas from Iran to meet its needs for domestic power generation—about 1200 megawatts—which it can’t produce on its own.”

The US imposed a new phase of sanctions on Iran on Monday, November 5.


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