Sources: Washington is seeking to provide MacGurk as its new ambassador in Baghdad

Journal News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington is seeking a new ambassador to Iraq in the wake of Douglas Seelman’s New Year, sources said.

The sources said McGuck was one of the most prominent candidates for the post, but the White House was waiting for his nomination formally after being approved by the US Senate.

McGowork, who is described by everyone as ‘the most dangerous man in the region’, was born April 20, 1973, as a US lawyer and diplomat appointed by President Barack Obama on November 23, 2015 to be the special presidential envoy of the International Coalition Against Fighting, replacing General John Allen after he was his deputy since 16 He served as assistant secretary of state for Iraq and Iran and led secret negotiations with Iran between October 2014 and January 2016 that led to the release of four American prisoners from Evin prison in Tehran. They were released by the Washington Post reporter T., Jason Arzaiیan, and according to the New York Times, that task, which lasted for 14 months, in addition to many other tasks led by Macgork reinforced his reputation as a person capable of performing difficult tasks.

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