Sources: Washington is seeking to provide MacGurk as its new ambassador in Baghdad

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington is seeking a new ambassador to Iraq in the wake of Douglas Seelman’s New Year, sources said.

The sources said McGuck was one of the most prominent candidates for the post, but the White House was waiting for his nomination formally after being approved by the US Senate.

McGowork, who is described by everyone as ‘the most dangerous man in the region’, was born April 20, 1973, as a US lawyer and diplomat appointed by President Barack Obama on November 23, 2015 to be the special presidential envoy of the International Coalition Against Fighting, replacing General John Allen after he was his deputy since 16 He served as assistant secretary of state for Iraq and Iran and led secret negotiations with Iran between October 2014 and January 2016 that led to the release of four American prisoners from Evin prison in Tehran. They were released by the Washington Post reporter T., Jason Arzaiیan, and according to the New York Times, that task, which lasted for 14 months, in addition to many other tasks led by Macgork reinforced his reputation as a person capable of performing difficult tasks.


Deputy: Tomorrow’s session includes the formation of the Finance Committee to study and amend the budget



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The MP for the alliance of Abbas Abbas Aliawi, Wednesday, that the parliament session on Thursday will include the formation of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Standing to study the federal budget for the year 2019 and make amendments to them, while ruled out the return of the budget for the government to reformulate it again. 
“The Parliament will form during the meeting on Thursday the Finance Committee for the purpose of studying the draft federal budget law for the year 2019 and make amendments to them,” he said, pointing out that “the return of the budget for the government to reformulate again is unlikely.”
He added that “the prime minister will form a committee to cooperate with the Finance Committee for the purpose of making amendments to the budget law within the House of Representatives without returning to the government that the number of political blocs objecting to a number of paragraphs,” noting that “the representative of the government within the House of Representatives has informed the Presidency of Parliament that the budget meets Achieving the government program of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. ” 
He pointed out that “the parliament will amend a number of important paragraphs in terms of grades,” explaining that “the budget will include 60 thousand degrees and functional degrees of deletion and development, which was not launched during the previous government.” 
The House of Representatives has voted, on Tuesday, to approach the Council of Ministers on the amendments of the deputies on the financial budget. 
It is noteworthy that the agenda of the House of Representatives tomorrow will include the formation of a committee on the election of the governor of Babylon, in addition to discussing the file of fish deaths, and the selection of permanent parliamentary committees.

Tamimi: Budget sent to parliament “deaf” There is agreement on the formation of a committee to complete

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BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:

confirmed the MP for the coalition of Majid Majid al-Tamimi, on Wednesday, that the budget sent to parliament, “deaf”, pointing out that there is agreement on the formation of a committee to complete them according to a fixed time frame.

Al-Tamimi told al-Ghad Press that the budget does not have a real deficit, but rather the problem of mismanagement of public funds. “The parliament voted on a ministerial platform, but the budget came according to the vision of the previous government.”

She added that “hidden revenues do not appear in the budget, including state property, half of which do not have a database, in addition to the smuggling of oil and others,” asserting that “the budget sent to the House of Representatives is a map of deaf paragraphs only and did not include any tables.”

She pointed out that “the latest agreement between the blocks is the formation of a financial committee of specialists, with the executive authority to complete their work within a two-week time limit and signed by the Prime Minister so as not to be challenged later.”

Parliament session tomorrow will be free of voting on the rest of the government cab

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BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:

The Information Service of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, the agenda of the session on Thursday without a reference to vote on the rest of the government cab.

“The session of the House of Representatives No. (11) on Thursday includes voting on the formation of an investigation committee on the election of the governor of Babylon, in addition to discussing the deaths of fish and in the presence of the competent ministers (Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Health and Environment ).

“The formation of permanent parliamentary committees of the House of Representatives,” indicating that “the meeting begins at one o’clock in the afternoon.”

Alaak meets with the Office of Financial Supervision and the Iraqi Association of Accountants to discuss the performance of auditors

Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq

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The Iraqi Central Bank announced on Wednesday the holding of the province of Al-Alaq, a meeting with the Office of Financial Supervision and the Iraqi Association of Accountants to discuss the performance of auditors in financial institutions.

The central bank said in a statement received by the Central Bank of Iraq that “a meeting with the President of the Office of Federal Financial Supervision and the President of the Iraqi Association of Certified Public Accountants to discuss the performance of auditors in respect of accounting disclosure of banks and financial institutions non-bank financial statements and ways to improve it.”

The statement added that “priorities for professional work and cooperation have been set to raise the level of supervisory work at a prudent level in order to ensure the improvement of the performance of banks and non-bank financial institutions, anticipating any defects that may occur before disclosure and taking the necessary measures to address them.”

The launch of Baghdad International Fair on Saturday

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The 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair, which will be held under the slogan “Determined to Build and Build as Liberation and Victory”, will kick off next Saturday for the period (10-19) this month.

“The company has completed all the necessary preparations for the establishment and success of the session,” said Hashem Al Sudani, general manager of the Iraqi Trade Exhibitions Company in the Ministry of Commerce, in a statement. Small”.

Al-Sudani said, “The participation of a number of prominent local, Arab and foreign companies in the field of reconstruction and construction, which is hoped to have an active role in the implementation of infrastructure reconstruction projects for the liberated provinces.”

Al-Sudani affirmed his company’s efforts by inviting these companies to inform them of the investment opportunities within the country, especially as it is about to implement mega projects in various fields, most importantly construction projects and reconstruction of the liberated areas.

He pointed out that “the wide participation of these countries and different companies, indicate their desire to see the investment opportunities available in the country and seize, especially as Iraq is fertile ground for the establishment and implementation of such projects, which absent for several years, because of the concern of the country in the fight and the expulsion of gangs, “Terrorist that has ravaged several areas of the country.” Ending / 25