The House of Representatives votes on the approach of the Cabinet to amend the budget of 2019 {expanded}

Editorial date: 2018/11/6 17:31

The House of Representatives voted in its tenth session headed by Mohamed Halboussi, Speaker of the House of Representatives on Tuesday and in the presence of 253 deputies, a proposal to approach the Council of Ministers to make amendments to the draft federal budget law for 2019 before starting the first reading or return to the government.

A statement by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that “at the outset of the session, was sworn in by Iyad Hashim Allawi, Kazem Fangan Hussein and Mohammed Shi’a Sudanese and Sadek Mdlul members of the House of Representatives.”

Then the Council voted not to approve the appeals submitted by Yonadam Yousef Kanna regarding the validity of the membership of MP Burhanuddin Ishaq and Sabah Abdul Rasoul on the health of MP Zeitoun Hussein Murad and Star Jabbar on the health of MP Ajyal Karim Salman and Khalida Khalil Chamou regarding the health of membership MP Safwan Bashir Younis.

The President of the Council called on those who filed appeals or those affected to resort to the Federal Court.

On the other hand, the Council completed the vote on a proposal to approach the Council of Ministers on the necessary amendments to be included on the draft budget law during the Joint Committee to proceed with the first reading of the draft law and in the absence of the inclusion of amendments required to be added by the deputies on the budget the Council retains the right to restore the draft federal budget To the government.

The revenues of the federal budget bill for the year 2019 are estimated at one hundred and five trillion five hundred and sixty-nine billion six hundred and eighty-six million eight hundred and seventy thousand dinars and the calculation of revenues from the export of crude oil at a rate of 56 dollars per barrel and an export rate of 3880000 barrels per day.

Also included in the draft law the allocation of one hundred and two and thirty-two trillion two hundred and seventy-two billion five hundred and forty-eight million two hundred and ninety-two thousand dinars, while the total deficit planned for the federal budget twenty-six trillion seven hundred and two billion eight hundred and one and sixty million and four hundred and twenty-two thousand dinars.

In turn, I propose Turhan Mufti representative of the government, the formation of a joint committee of the House of Representatives and the Government to make the necessary amendments to some articles of the draft federal budget, indicating that the strategy of the budget bill is prepared by the Ministries of Finance and Planning, especially after the reduction of investment projects in recent budgets and their dependence on operational Just.

He also presented Halabousi a letter directed by the representative of the government to the House of Representatives calling for not to return the draft budget law to the Government to invest time with the proposal to form a joint committee of the legislative and executive authorities to study the draft law, noting that the budget needs to see a clear and new in many joints because it lacks to provide The Council of Representatives needs a letter from the Prime Minister or his authorized to adopt the draft budget law and take into account the comments of the deputies to make amendments with the readiness of the House of Representatives to provide the necessary assistance to the Government for the purpose of fueling the budget.

On the other hand, the Speaker of the House of Representatives presented a vote on the formation of the Finance Committee in the meeting on Thursday.

Halaboussi decided to “postpone the discussion of the issue of fish deaths to the meeting next Thursday and in the presence of the ministers concerned, as well as vote on a number of parliamentary committees.”

It was then decided to adjourn the meeting until next Thursday

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