Abdul-Mahdi announces the latest results of the negotiations to complete the government and reveals an important decision in the budget {expanded}


Editorial Date: 2018/11/6 21:54 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the latest results of his negotiations with the political blocs on the completion of his cabinet.
“We hope within the next few hours or days to complete the formation of the government and there is no vacuum in the rest of the vacant ministries,” said Abdul-Mahdi, during a press conference held on Tuesday evening after the cabinet session. “The ministries are not similar to the proxy for years. And the occupation of the position of business management is part of the rules of procedure in the Council of Ministers. 
“The formation of his government in Iraq differed from its predecessors, consisting of 22 portfolios, while the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of 44 ministries and his successor Haider Abadi 33 ministries before reducing them while the current cab is composed of 22 ministries.”
He added Abdul Mahdi, “this government differed that the Prime Minister himself selected the candidates were on the basis of experience and competence, experience and integrity and bore the Prime Minister of the responsibility of choice and some blocks have granted freedom to choose ministers and in the composition of the 14 ministers were on the basis of efficiency, and the eight ministers were on the basis of merit The election of the blocs want to represent themselves in the government and nominated the ministers and gave several people to the ministry and had to consult with the Prime Minister. ” 
“The context of the formation of the government was within the context of constitutional and frank, which is better than previous governments and we sent biographies of candidates six hours ago to Parliament and we did something not done by previous governments.”
“We have asked official questions to all parties concerned, such as integrity, crimes, accountability and justice. We received reports from each other and we await the other, and we do not want to indict them based on statements and accusations attributed to them,” Abdul Mahdi said. 
He pointed out that “There are 13 thousand cases of integrity, but this does not mean that the charges are true or issued by judicial rulings nor do we want to tolerate any element that has a semi-flawed personality either legal or behavioral or historical and do not want to oppress people in a mere Charges “. 
And on the budget of 2019, said the Prime Minister, “We were in front of two possibilities, the first either the rebalancing of 2019 to the Council of Ministers or discussed by the House of Representatives and approved by the same as the previous government, especially as we are in a critical situation and do not want to start the new year without the balance of what is happening great damage.
“We have agreed with the parliament to keep the budget and discussed and formed a committee headed by the Minister of Finance and go to parliament and put forward the vision of the new government on them in a realistic way can not change all sections of the budget and we hope that the cooperation between the two authorities to accelerate the adoption.” 
“We will discuss the budget of the Kurdistan region in real terms and I can not personally decide that and there is a Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance and the Council of Representatives and the Kurdistan region and there will be another committee includes representatives of the region and the provinces to resolve the obstacles.” 
“There are no higher decisions in the budget and we will discuss their quotas in accordance with clear rules and must be legal and financial justification to achieve justice and equate provinces and the Iraqi people in a balanced manner.”
“There are Iraqi delegations and lawyers with a wide capacity in international law and the Iraqi economy have been negotiating for a while with the United States and Iran to reach the equation we put forward in the government program,” he said. 
He stressed that “Iraq is not part of the system of sanctions or aggression against any state and takes into account its interests first and our position is similar to the position of Europe, Russia, China and Japan is the preservation of national interests without harm or harm to the other and does not want to be part of the conflict is not a party. 
And the situation in the provinces, he said, “We have followed the situation, including Basra, which we attach special importance to meet the demands of the demonstrators and we met with the Judicial Council to resolve the problems that resulted from the demonstrations and the closure of these files quickly and promised by the Judicial Council.”
He referred to the incident of the protection of the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Ali al-Adadh, on two traffic police in Aden Square in Baghdad a few days ago, the prime minister described the situation as “unjustified aggression and we promoted and reward the two policemen.” 
He stressed that “the official and the position he occupies must be subject to the rules and respect of the public service and be more careful than others in the implementation of laws and not to exceed the staff and will not accept any aggression, nor do we accept public servants to infringe the rights of citizens and be a tool to achieve justice and equity” .is over

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