During his meeting with ambassador to America in Baghdad .. Minister of Trade … Economic and trade relations between Iraq and the United States will witness tangible development and cooperation that serves the interests of both countries



Baghdad – Trade flags
– Trade relations between Iraq and the United States of America are witnessing a tangible development in the light of the desire of the two countries to increase the volume of economic cooperation and trade exchange, Minister of Commerce Dr. Mohammad Hashim said.
The minister said during his meeting with US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Seelman that the ministry aspires to joint cooperation and participation of US companies in the processing of food items within the ration card items with emphasis on quality, quality and quality control in the process of checking materials and conformity with international and Iraqi standards.
He added that the new Iraqi government is open to the world in light of the need for a strong economy dealing with the economies of other countries and at the same time meet the need of the Iraqi people, especially in the areas of investment and the provision of basic needs and the establishment of real partnerships in the reconstruction and investment and rehabilitation of infrastructure.
For his part, stressed the US ambassador in Baghdad on the importance of opening a new page of economic and trade cooperation between Iraq and the United States through the contribution of US companies in the processing of Iraq food items distributed by the Ministry of Commerce to the Iraqi people within the ration card.
He pointed out the importance of working on the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries and activating the provisions of the joint agreement between the two governments in order to continue the US companies processing of wheat and rice within the contracts conducted by the Ministry of Commerce.
He pointed out that the American Chamber of Commerce sent a large group of businessmen and American companies to discuss with the Iraqi side and their Iraqi counterparts the possibility of entering into investment projects to contribute to the construction and development of infrastructure in Iraq and the establishment of companies with the Iraqi private sector as well as the possibility of training and qualifying employees in the fields of examination Laboratory tests and the use of modern laboratory screening methods.

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