The Kurdish parties are moving towards partnership in the provincial government


Editorial date: 2018/11/2 17:51 • 55 times read
The two main Kurdish parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by the family of late President Jalal Talabani after their meeting on Thursday, they are heading towards a partnership to form the Kurdistan Regional Government.
“We will participate in the new government with the Democratic Party because the responsibility lies with the two parties and we will participate in the new government on the basis of a real partnership,” said member of the political bureau of the federation, Kadir Hama Jan, during a joint press conference with a member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. 
“We can solve problems through dialogue and the PUK wants a government that serves the people of Kurdistan in all fields and fulfills their aspirations,” he said. 
“Although the Democrat has 45 seats in the Kurdistan parliament, we can not manage the region without the National Union,” Tayfur said. 
He pointed out that “the other parties in the absence of government participation, can be in the constructive opposition and then we can with the National Union to form a new government.”
On the share of the province in the federal budget, Tayfour said that “the share of the region must be 17 percent of the financial budget for 2019.” 
It is scheduled to meet the leadership of the Democratic Party early next week to take its decision on naming the candidate to the post of head of the Kurdistan Regional Government in its new form. 
A member of the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Aras Hassou Mirkhan, said that “will be during the meeting to form a delegation to dialogue with the rest of the parties and political parties on the formation of the new government, in addition to the selection of the party candidate to head the government.” 
He added that the dialogues of democracy with the rest of the parties will be based on electoral entitlements, and will deal with each side according to size. “

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