Tamimi: Returns the budget of 2019 to the new government

Editorial Date: 2018/11/1 8:47

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) MP MP Dr. Magda Tamimi, revealed the arrival of the budget in 2019 to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, but not formally turned to the deputies for the formation of parliamentary committees, especially the Finance Committee, considering the analysis issued by some on the budget hasty and not professional.

Tamimi said in a statement that “the budget of 2019 reached the House of Representatives, but did not turn officially because the committees basically did not form until now, any comment without receipt of the budget formally by the committees is described as absurd.”

“She expects to make many adjustments to the budget after returning to the government at the beginning of next week to add the vision of the new government according to the government program that was voted.”

Tamimi concluded by saying that “the budget will change and can not comment on them without receiving them formally and after amendments to be consistent with the vision of the new government, as the budget reflects the government’s vision of how to act the resources of the state for the next fiscal year in order to achieve specific objectives under the General Plan Economic and social development ”


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