Set the date for the launch of the Baghdad International Fair in its 45th session

Release date: 2018/10/31 12:27

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Ministry of Commerce announced that the session (45) of the Baghdad International Fair will be launched for the period from 10 to 19 November.

A statement issued by the ministry said that the course will be “under the slogan of” determination to build and build as liberation and victory “and enjoys the participation of active and large from the countries of the world, especially the European in addition to the participation of many companies specialized and quality.

The statement added that “there is a great desire of countries and companies to participate in the international session and enter the Iraqi market to contribute to the age of infrastructure and structures destroyed by the military operations that saw the liberation of Iraqi territory from terrorist gangs.”

He pointed out that “the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair will be different from the previous sessions through the new equipment and equipment and programs that will be launched during the international session, which will be a surprise to the visiting audience.”

He pointed out that “the current session of the Baghdad exhibition will not only be for the companies and the promotion, but will be a cultural cycle with excellence through which we seek to achieve progress for our dear country and start real development of all sectors of the state and its joints of infrastructure and buildings and cities to build self and build the new Iraqi man.”

The statement pointed out that “the General Company for Iraqi Exhibitions will provide all facilities for participants in the international session through the provision of all the requirements and the preparation of the auditoriums and halls and everything related to the organization of a special international session in the sense of word.”

The Ministry of Commerce called on “all official and non-official bodies of the media, news agencies, newspapers and satellite channels to contribute effectively to the success of the Baghdad International Exhibition by conveying the truth to all countries of the world that Iraq has become safe and safe and strives to promote its economic reality and openness to all countries and companies at all levels. Commercial and economic, in addition to inviting all government agencies and citizens, whether they are traders or academics to participate and contribute to the Baghdad International Exhibition (45), which will be launched for the period from the tenth to the nineteenth of next month. ”

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