Oil Minister: We will pay great attention to Basra and are keen to stabilize the market

Thamer Ghadhban Minister of Oil

Economy News Baghdad

Oil Minister Thamir al-Ghadhban said on Wednesday that the ministry will pay great attention to the province of Basra, pointing to the ministry’s keenness to stabilize the market and the continued flow of oil.

Ghadhban said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the ministry and his follow-up, “Economy News”, “Our vision will be the patron of the rest of the provinces, which have little or few production structures, while Basra will occupy a large role in the attention of the ministry,” noting that “this city gives the provision of reserves and ports and production capacities And the liquidation we have to give the people special care and the results, and the people of the province will see that the ministry and its companies will pay special attention to this city.

“The ministry will sponsor the oil companies operating in Iraq, which was associated with the initiative of long-term contracts for the development of oil fields and they are partners with us and we are interested to succeed and facilitate their actions and away from the bureaucracy,” adding that “the ministry will take care of international relations and Iraq will have an effective role, The founders of OPEC, and we are keen on the stability of the market and the continued flow of oil to the market. “

He added that “the ministry faces some challenges despite the successes achieved, especially in the field of extraction,” pointing out that “Iraq is still importing oil derivatives from abroad, such as gasoline and gas oil and import gas for the purpose of generating electricity, which is the main task we will do to reduce the burning of gas Benefit and increase its investment and do the national effort and build national capacities. “

The Minister of Oil, Thamer Al-Ghadhban, confirmed during the ceremony of handing over and receiving the ministry, on the 26th of October this year, to increase the production of oil and gas and oil derivatives and the development of oil facilities, pointing to the importance of upgrading the job performance of workers in the oil sector.



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