The popular crowd promises to secure the flow of millions of visitors towards holy Karbala from four directions

Release date: 2018/10/29 14:06

KABULA, Iraq (Reuters) – The head of the Middle Euphrates Operations in the popular crowd, Ali al-Hamdani, announced on Monday that millions of visitors will flow from four directions to make the 40th visit, while Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi praised the organization of the visit this year.

“The crowd mobilized all its efforts in four provinces and carried out its offices in those provinces to facilitate the visit of the Imam Hussein,” the statement said, quoting al-Hamdani. “The crowd has secured the flow of millions of visitors from four directions For the visit. ”

He added that “the situation is good and controlled in all axes, although the atom happened today.” He added that “the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, praised the leaders and mattresses and said that this year is distinguished by the efforts of everyone from security and services.”

It is noteworthy that millions of inside and outside Iraq, in the 20 of zero each year, the province of Karbala to visit the fourteenth Imam Hussein and his brother Abi al-Fadl Abbas peace be upon them. is over

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