Italy declares a formulation for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq and sets a date


Italy announces its formulation for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq and sets a date
 Twilight News    
 23 minutes ago

(Reuters) – Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta said her country was rewriting its military mission in Iraq. 
“As you know, the Italian government is now addressing the issue of reshaping our commitment in this region, and our exit strategy, and I want to describe it as a success strategy,” said Trenta, who is visiting Baghdad and Erbil. “As we gradually complete our duties, we will ease our presence. Not the exit, but the success, “because” without the latter there will be no honorable exit. ” 
In meeting with the members of the Italian Prisidium unit responsible for the protection of the Mosul dam on Monday, Minister Trenta spoke of the restructuring of the Mission, which involves the reduction of the number of men by 50 persons as a down payment until the completion of the full mission in March 2019, In the Decree on Military Missions.
“Iraq today represents the vanguard of our common commitment to combating international terrorism,” she said. “There can be no different strategies to combat terrorism if it is not fought in its territory and where its roots lie.” 
“Today, I want to thank you for the excellent integration you have done with the Iraqi security forces, to achieve excellent security results, to stabilize the region and provide the necessary support to facilitate the restoration and reinforcement of the Mosul dam,” she said. 
“Thank you for all this, and I thank you, of course, to contribute to ensuring the safety of our citizens from Trevi, which is involved in the dam’s maintenance work,” said Trenta. According to the Italian News Agency.

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