Fatah confirms the consensus on the passage of the eight ministers in the next parliament session

Policy 2018/10/29 18:51 1416 Editor: en

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The deputy of the Fatah alliance, Abdul Amir Taiban, on Monday, that the next session of the House of Representatives will pass the candidates of the eight ministries, who blocked the vote on them in the previous session, by the Alliance of Sowron and the stream of wisdom.

Taiban said in an exclusive interview (Baghdad today), “The next session will see a vote on the candidates of the rest of the ministries, after understanding and consensus with the political blocs.”

“He added that” his alliance will not allow blatant interference from the masses and the wisdom of the wisdom of blocking the passage of candidates of the eight ministries that have been postponed. ”

Taiban attributed the reason for the rejection of the vote to the remaining candidates of the ministries, to “personal differences for others with candidates of the Ministry of Higher Education and Culture, as they belonged to the Sadrist movement earlier.”

The House of Representatives was granted, during the meeting held in the early hours of Thursday, confidence to the government of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and voted for the selection of 14 ministers from the ministerial lineup presented by the latter during the session.

The confidence-building session of the new government, which took place on October 24, 2018, saw the withdrawal of some of the deputies of the Sadr Alliance, backed by Sadr’s leader Moqtada al-Sadr, in protest against the candidates of some ministries.

The Minister of Finance, Fuad Hussain, Minister of Communications Naim Al-Rubaie, Minister of Construction and Housing, Benkeen Rikani, Minister of Commerce Mohammad Hashim, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Al-Hakim, Agriculture Minister Saleh Al- Minister of Health and Minister of Water and Water, Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmad Al-Obeidi, Minister of Health Alaa Alwan, Minister of Industry Saleh Al-Jubouri, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Basem Al-Rubaie, Minister of Electricity Louay Al-Khatib, Minister of Water Resources Jamal Al-Adly and Transport Minister Abdullah Luaibi).

He abstained from voting on the candidates of ministries, justice, culture, education, planning, higher education and scientific research, immigration and displaced persons, defense and interior.


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