Fatah confirms the consensus on the passage of the eight ministers in the next parliament session

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The deputy of the Fatah alliance, Abdul Amir Taiban, on Monday, that the next session of the House of Representatives will pass the candidates of the eight ministries, who blocked the vote on them in the previous session, by the Alliance of Sowron and the stream of wisdom.

Taiban said in an exclusive interview (Baghdad today), “The next session will see a vote on the candidates of the rest of the ministries, after understanding and consensus with the political blocs.”

“He added that” his alliance will not allow blatant interference from the masses and the wisdom of the wisdom of blocking the passage of candidates of the eight ministries that have been postponed. ”

Taiban attributed the reason for the rejection of the vote to the remaining candidates of the ministries, to “personal differences for others with candidates of the Ministry of Higher Education and Culture, as they belonged to the Sadrist movement earlier.”

The House of Representatives was granted, during the meeting held in the early hours of Thursday, confidence to the government of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and voted for the selection of 14 ministers from the ministerial lineup presented by the latter during the session.

The confidence-building session of the new government, which took place on October 24, 2018, saw the withdrawal of some of the deputies of the Sadr Alliance, backed by Sadr’s leader Moqtada al-Sadr, in protest against the candidates of some ministries.

The Minister of Finance, Fuad Hussain, Minister of Communications Naim Al-Rubaie, Minister of Construction and Housing, Benkeen Rikani, Minister of Commerce Mohammad Hashim, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Al-Hakim, Agriculture Minister Saleh Al- Minister of Health and Minister of Water and Water, Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmad Al-Obeidi, Minister of Health Alaa Alwan, Minister of Industry Saleh Al-Jubouri, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Basem Al-Rubaie, Minister of Electricity Louay Al-Khatib, Minister of Water Resources Jamal Al-Adly and Transport Minister Abdullah Luaibi).

He abstained from voting on the candidates of ministries, justice, culture, education, planning, higher education and scientific research, immigration and displaced persons, defense and interior.



Abadi and Amiri stress the importance of completing the formation of the government


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The head of the victory coalition, Haider Abadi, and the head of the Fatah alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, on Monday, the importance of completing the formation of the government.

A statement by the Office of Abadi, received by “Al-Gharab Press”, a copy of it, that “Abadi received today, the head of the conquest alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, and during the meeting discussed the political and security situation in the country, and the completion of the formation of the government and the importance of work for the continuation of security stability, reconstruction and investment During the next phase. “

“The meeting stressed the need to create a stable political environment and to preserve and sustain the achievements achieved,” the statement said.

of joint operations reveals the reality of the situation on the border and sends a message to the Iraqis


Joint operations reveal the reality of the situation on the border and send a message to the Iraqis
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 2 hours ago

The Joint Operations Command confirmed on Monday that the Iraqi-Syrian border is well-secured, while letters were sent to the Iraqis.

“The Iraqi-Syrian border on our side is well secured, our troops are there and the border is strong,” spokesman Brigadier Yehia Rasool told Ashqaf News. “Any progress made by elements calling for our borders will face a strong response and painful blows.”

“We assure the Iraqis that the Iraqi forces are ready to respond to any progress towards Iraqi territory. We also have intelligence information to follow up and we have a Maser flight to monitor what is happening inside the Syrian border,” he said.

On Monday, the popular crowd announced a state of alert on the Iraqi-Syrian border following the fall of the positions of the “Democratic Syria” forces in the hands of the terrorist “Da’ash” organization.

The official website of the forces “popular crowd” that the Directorate of Central Operations in the crowd has announced a state of alert on the Iraqi-Syrian border after the fall of sites belonging to the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, but the organization is calling.

The Directorate said in a statement that “all segments of the popular mobilization on the Iraqi-Syrian border declared a state of alert following the recent developments in the region and the fall of sites belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces, however.”

The statement added that “our units have been strengthened there in anticipation of any emergency and to confront any movement of the enemy Daashi, especially as it takes advantage of bad weather to infiltrate or attack the pieces.”

The statement also stressed that “the situation is currently under control and that the popular mobilization forces in the axis of western Anbar performs its functions to the fullest.”

Abadi and MacGork emphasize the importance of the international community’s assistance to Iraq in the reconstruction phase


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
President of the Victory Coalition, Haider al-Abadi, and the envoy of US President Brett McGurk, stressed on Monday the importance of the international community’s assistance to Iraq in the reconstruction phase.

A statement from the office of Abadi, received by “Al-Gharab Press”, a copy of it, that “Abadi received today, the envoy of US President, Brett McGurk and US Ambassador Douglas Silliman, and during the meeting to review the political and security situation in Iraq and the region.”

The statement stressed “the importance of continued assistance of the international community to Iraq in the reconstruction phase.”

Judiciary announces the exit of Iraq from the list of tight control of the Organization (FATF)


Journal News

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) announced on Monday that Iraq has withdrawn from the FATF monitoring list after it has fulfilled its international obligations in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing  .

FATF is an intergovernmental body charged with studying techniques and trends in money laundering and terrorist financing, and developing and developing anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies locally and internationally.

“The judiciary has played a major role in improving the international situation of Iraq and actively contributing to the implementation of the international recommendations adopted by FATF through the Supreme Judicial Council’s facilities,” said Judge Eyad Mohsen Samad from the Specialized Investigation Court on Integrity and Money Laundering in Rusafa. The cooperation of the Central Bank of Iraq and partner institutions in this area and over the past years, these efforts resulted in the exit of Iraq from the black list to the list of countries listed in the White List and complied with the international recommendations.

“The FATF is an intergovernmental organization established by the ministers of its member states,” said Judge Samad.

The development of international standards against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism at the level of regulation, legal and executive legislation and the identification of threats related to the integrity of the international financial system. “

“The FATF recommendations define the risks facing the world in the field of money laundering and financing of terrorism and the development of the necessary policies to curb these crimes and to track down the perpetrators,” he said, adding that the recommendations of the FATF are a reference framework and guide for countries to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. .

The FATF noted in 2012 that Iraq is one of the countries that did not implement the international recommendations in this area. The Central Bank has formed a team representing a large number of institutions, notably the Supreme Judicial Council to work on implementing and implementing FATF recommendations.

He pointed out that the Supreme Judicial Council was a major contributor to the drafting of the articles of the law and the extent to which it conforms to international standards, as well as the formation of a criminal court, a misdemeanor court and a specialized investigative court in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

He stressed that “the teams formed by the Central Bank of Iraq has taken it upon themselves to work to develop  policies to ensure Iraq’s implementation of international standards.”

The money laundering judge, according to the newspaper “Judiciary”: “The results of the work that have been important, including the exit of Iraq from the list of countries under strict control.”

“This will make it a safe environment for investments by the private sector, both domestic and foreign, and Iraq is not one of the countries of tax havens, nor of countries that are safe corridors for money laundering,” he said.

Judge Ayad Mohsen said that “one of the important issues in FATF’s recommendations is to identify people with risks in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing.” “There is a list of professions that are considered to be professionals who are on the list of those who have the risk, To pay due diligence towards their open accounts in banks and to monitor the movements of funds in their accounts, whether cash deposits or the transfer of funds with arithmetic limits. “

“Work has already been done on this aspect, and a range of professions have already been included, such as heads of state or government, senior politicians, senior judges, senior military personnel, senior executives of institutions, state companies and others,” he said.

 “The instructions for people with risk stipulated that financial institutions and banks must, according to the statement of the Central Bank, open an account for them to verify their original official documents and ascertain the nature of the financial transaction and the purpose of it and the real beneficiary of it and the nature of the relationship between the parties to the financial deal, .

He added that “in case of any suspicion in dealing with the bank or financial institution to immediately report the  suspicious transaction and stop before completion and custody of the financial assets of the client.”

The judge concluded that “the reason for the inclusion of some professions on the list of risks in the field of money laundering and the financing of terrorism is that the owners are influential and decision-makers and can through their functions to acquire large funds without the right to monitor their accounts and audit to prevent the process of embezzlement Mali Or funding for terrorism. “


Deputy likely to include the budget of 2019 within the agenda of the next session



Information / special … 
MP on the coalition of reform and reconstruction morning, the Ugaili, the inclusion of the federal budget for 2019 within the agenda of the next session of parliament, stressing that the budget surplus will go towards providing grades for graduates. 
“The parliament may include the federal budget for 2019 within the schedule of the next session in the event of not including the vote on the candidates of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi remaining to fill the remaining ministerial posts,” he said, stressing that “the House of Representatives will accelerate the discussion of the budget Before the end of this year. ” 
He added that “the draft federal budget for 2019 was discussed by the government of Abdul-Mahdi and arrived yesterday, to Parliament for the purpose of study and vote on it,” noting that “the surplus budget will go towards providing grades for graduates.”
The MP for the coalition of construction Hamid al-Moussawi has confirmed on Sunday that the budget prepared by the government of former Prime Minister Haider Abadi did not meet the required level, noting that the parliament asked Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to reformulate the budget in 2019 commensurate with the current stage. Ending / 25


Italy declares a formulation for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq and sets a date


Italy announces its formulation for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq and sets a date
 Twilight News    
 23 minutes ago

(Reuters) – Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta said her country was rewriting its military mission in Iraq. 
“As you know, the Italian government is now addressing the issue of reshaping our commitment in this region, and our exit strategy, and I want to describe it as a success strategy,” said Trenta, who is visiting Baghdad and Erbil. “As we gradually complete our duties, we will ease our presence. Not the exit, but the success, “because” without the latter there will be no honorable exit. ” 
In meeting with the members of the Italian Prisidium unit responsible for the protection of the Mosul dam on Monday, Minister Trenta spoke of the restructuring of the Mission, which involves the reduction of the number of men by 50 persons as a down payment until the completion of the full mission in March 2019, In the Decree on Military Missions.
“Iraq today represents the vanguard of our common commitment to combating international terrorism,” she said. “There can be no different strategies to combat terrorism if it is not fought in its territory and where its roots lie.” 
“Today, I want to thank you for the excellent integration you have done with the Iraqi security forces, to achieve excellent security results, to stabilize the region and provide the necessary support to facilitate the restoration and reinforcement of the Mosul dam,” she said. 
“Thank you for all this, and I thank you, of course, to contribute to ensuring the safety of our citizens from Trevi, which is involved in the dam’s maintenance work,” said Trenta. According to the Italian News Agency.

Air Force sends leaflets to citizens in Upper Euphrates areas of Al-Anbar

Release date: 2018/10/29 14:14

(Al-Anbar: Al-Furat News) On Monday, Army Air Force issued leaflets to citizens in the Upper Euphrates region of Anbar province.

A statement issued by the Center for Security Information received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today, “Within the operations of the last warning, the Air Force gave leaflets in the areas of Upper Euphrates in the Anbar Operations Division issued by the Ministry of Defense.

“The publications urged the citizens to cooperate with the security forces to make more efforts to secure the country’s precious soil and to pursue the sleeper cells and anyone who begs himself to tamper with security.”


The popular crowd promises to secure the flow of millions of visitors towards holy Karbala from four directions

Release date: 2018/10/29 14:06

KABULA, Iraq (Reuters) – The head of the Middle Euphrates Operations in the popular crowd, Ali al-Hamdani, announced on Monday that millions of visitors will flow from four directions to make the 40th visit, while Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi praised the organization of the visit this year.

“The crowd mobilized all its efforts in four provinces and carried out its offices in those provinces to facilitate the visit of the Imam Hussein,” the statement said, quoting al-Hamdani. “The crowd has secured the flow of millions of visitors from four directions For the visit. ”

He added that “the situation is good and controlled in all axes, although the atom happened today.” He added that “the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, praised the leaders and mattresses and said that this year is distinguished by the efforts of everyone from security and services.”

It is noteworthy that millions of inside and outside Iraq, in the 20 of zero each year, the province of Karbala to visit the fourteenth Imam Hussein and his brother Abi al-Fadl Abbas peace be upon them. is over


Legal expert: Abdul Mahdi does not have a specific period to name ministers of the eight ministries and can manage them by proxy

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

Tariq Harb, a legal expert, said Monday that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi is not bound by a specific period to name ministers and can manage them by proxy.

“All the Prime Minister’s actions are constitutional and legal in terms of his agency or some of his ministers to some of the vacant ministries,” War said in a leaflet on his Facebook page.

He pointed out that “there is no constitutional obligation to submit new ministers at a specific date and in the re-presentation of some ministers again because no decision has been issued by the parliament to reject them, especially as he is responsible for the general policy of the state in accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution. “He said.

On October 25, 2018, Abdul Mahdi assumed the functions of Minister of Defense and Acting Interior Minister until the appointment of two new Ministers of Interior and Defense.