With the approach of the Baghdad International Fair .. Minister Hashim in an inspection tour


Local Affairs Sunday 28 October 2018 at 16:22 PM (19 views)

Baghdad / Sky Press

During the inspection pavilions Baghdad and international exhibition to see the nature of preparations that continue to make the events of the session successful. Minister of Commerce Dr. Mohammad Hashim stressed today the importance of mobilizing all capacities and capabilities to ensure the success of the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair which starts on the tenth of next month with local, Arab and international participation.

Hashem said in a press statement that “the session of the Baghdad International Fair is of great importance, as it is a major economic event that contributes to contain and attract countries and international companies to invest in Iraq and enter into partnership projects with Iraqi companies, as well as being a meeting point between the Iraqi private sector and its counterparts in other countries of the world To exchange experiences in trade, industrial and economic disciplines. “

“The presence of a program and a plan aimed at developing the work of the Iraqi Exhibitions Company both in the establishment of specialized exhibitions and the establishment of exhibitions to countries to display their products in all sectors to contribute to meet the Iraqi needs and the signing of joint agreements in light of Iraq’s desire to open up to the beautiful countries of the world and diversify the sources of economy.



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