Iraq opens the door to investment in the gas sector


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Director-General of the Gas Filling Company of the Ministry of Oil Ali Abdul Karim al-Musawi, on Sunday, the opening of the door to investment for international companies in the gas sector, pointing out that Iraq has reached the stage of sufficiency and export.

“We have a lot of work related to the gas sector and gas services, including the extension of the networks of residential, commercial and industrial communities using LPG,” he said in an interview with Al-Rai newspaper. Degree of sufficiency and export “.

“We need an appropriate investment environment in Iraq with legislation, especially as part of the investment is being disrupted by the concern of capital that needs guarantees and future insurance, all of which require legislation, sovereign guarantees and political stability,” he said.

Al-Musawi said that “Iraq opens the door to investment for good international companies, and of course Kuwait, especially since it has a strong economic and scientific minds, which encourages us more to cooperate with them, and indeed I have met a number of investors and touched them of great interest to enter the Iraqi market, But they had problems that they wished to solve until they came back again. ”

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