Deputy reveals the date of completion of the ministerial cabin


Information / special … 
MP revealed the coalition of construction Fadel Jaber, on Sunday, the date of completion of the cabinet cab of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, while likely to grant Faleh Fayadh Interior Ministry. 
Jaber said in a statement to the “Information” / that “the next parliament session will be through the discussion of the names of candidates to take over the ministries vacant within the cabinet cabin provided by Abdul Mahdi on October 25,” pointing out that “the selection of security ministers will be during the meeting to be identified In the sixth session of November next. ” 
He added that “Abdul Mahdi is keen to complete the ministerial cabin and not to take the ministries by proxy,” likely “grant Faleh Fayadh Ministry of Interior being the most likely to get the job and the nomination of a third person to take over the Ministry of Defense.”
The MP for the Badr bloc Haneen al-Qaddu has confirmed, on Saturday, the adherence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi as a candidate for the Ministry of the Interior, referring to the intention of Abdul-Mahdi re-put some candidates to fill the ministries in the next meeting. 
The MP for the Fatah alliance Mahdi Emreli has confirmed, on Saturday, that the meeting of the House of Representatives next will see the introduction of new names of the ministries vacant after the failure of the names provided by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to obtain the confidence of Parliament during the previous meeting.



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