Oil Minister: Iraq will go ahead with plans to increase oil and gas production capacity

Economy News _ Baghdad

Minister of Oil Thamir Abbas Al-Ghadhban stressed on Friday the importance of upgrading the job performance of oil sector workers, which is the real criterion for evaluation, differentiation and excellence, pointing out that the ministry will proceed with the implementation of plans to increase production of oil, gas and derivatives.
Al-Ghadhban said in a statement read by “Economy News” that the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the oil sector impose and require all of us to work hard to raise the level of performance of workers, in order to build a solid base for the national effort will be able to develop the oil and gas industry and meet the requirements of plans and future goals.
Al-Ghadhban added that we should go ahead with the implementation of plans to increase production of oil and gas, oil derivatives and development of oil facilities, as required by the national interest, as well as upgrading infrastructure, modernizing training programs and improving the performance of workers in this vital sector. And at the same time praised the oil workers who have proven their ability to meet the difficult challenges and achieve great achievements.
The oil minister pointed to the responsibility of the government and the leadership of the oil sector in providing the basic requirements for work, creativity, achievement and innovation. He urged the new oil minister officials in the oil formations to follow up the work site, and the presence with the workers and the conditions and details of work in oil projects and commitment to the implementation of the government program.


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