Legal: Vice-Presidents can not get pension

09:50 – 26/10/2018


Information / Private ..

The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, on Friday, not to consider the Vice-Presidents of the Republic employees, and therefore can not get me pensions after the end of their term, noting that the Prime Minister on a pension after the end of his mandate.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that “the vice-presidents can not be considered as appointed by law. They are like advisers appointed by the prime minister. They do not have salaries and privileges because the advisor is appointed by contract.

He added that after the end of his term, the prime minister receives a pension, because he is similar to the employee under the constitutional privileges stipulated in article 78 of the constitution. Even in the unified pension law, he gets a percentage of the last salary.

He pointed out that “the constitution provides for not to combine the salary of Parliament and any other salary, and therefore the outgoing Prime Minister and the current deputy in parliament, to give up one of his salaries.” End 25 n

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