Kurdistan calls on the Minister of Finance to stop the draft budget of 2019


Political situation

Friday 26 October 2018 06:07 PM

The Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region Amang Rahim, Friday, the Kurdish deputies and the new finance minister in the federal government Fouad Hussein, to stop the draft federal budget bill for 2019, and guarantee the right of the Kurds.

Rahim suggested in a publication on his Facebook page that “the draft federal budget bill for the year 2019 should be suspended in the forefront of the work of the Kurdish deputies in the House of Representatives and the new federal government, especially the Minister of Finance,” noting that “the project is still In the Ministry of Finance has not been approved as a bill in the meeting of the Council of Ministers. “

He added that “the current stage has opened the possibility that this draft guarantee for the rights of the Kurds more,” pointing out that “just arrival to the Council of Ministers and the parliament will be the majority of the votes in the role and adjustment will be difficult and in the interest of the Kurdistan region.”

“The importance of the participation of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the provincial government in the formulation of the articles in the draft, which are related to the region, in particular to ensure the share of 17% of the budget for him, of revenues and not expenses,” he reiterated, “the budget issue National, and directly related to the lives of citizens of the Kurdistan region, and need to be defended by all and one position.



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