Abdul-Mahdi: the completion of the ministerial reshuffle soon and Altbdel in the list of candidates {expanded}


Release date: 2018/10/25 18:46 • 13 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the completion of the cabinet reshuffle soon, as revealed not to change the list of candidates.
“Freedom of expression is the basis, which is our principle, but it can be exploited and it is already exploited and sometimes plays a large negative role,” Abdul-Mahdi said at a news conference on Thursday. “95% of the information circulated through the media is incorrect and even affects policies, For public politicians, citizens protection and the work of the state. ” 
He added that “many countries in the world have put strict procedures for these methods and legal prosecution of those who abuse the freedom of expression for their purposes,” calling on all media to “cooperate in this area.” 
“It is not the first time that the government appears incomplete, in previous times did not vote on a number of ministries and some remain vacant filled by proxy,” citing the reasons for not voting on all candidates in the cabinet cabin to “
He added: “They insisted on this issue and took a long time of discussion and we put forward the concept that the Prime Minister is responsible for his cabinet as is the case in the countries of the world, therefore we told the members of parliament that in the request for candidacy for ministerial positions no one has to provide such a condition in “We have had two options, either postponement until we meet these conditions and we are approaching the end of the constitutional timing and means the end of the mandate and this means to return to the largest bloc and a large constitutional vacuum and international.”
He pointed out that “the leaders of blocks Arti as he voted positively on the government program and I called the President of the Federal Court and said that he voted on the ministerial platform and a majority of +1 enough to form a government to avoid complicating the situation of the brothers brothers what is agreed,” explaining that ” The ministerial government to check and not on the person of the candidate was agreed to go to 14 ministers and this is more than 50 + 1 and the completion of the government will consist of 22 ministers and there are no other explanations, but just differences, which is the right of the House of Representatives and we respect them. 
Abdul Mahdi said, “We did not replace one in the list, which is integrated, even if the vote yesterday on the rest of the members we had offered the same names that were presented to the House of Representatives of the right of parliament to vote on any of the members now in this period if the masses decided to change their candidates will take this In consideration “.
On the first cabinet meeting under his chairmanship, Abdul-Mahdi said, “We discussed in the first session of the Council of Ministers mechanisms of the work of the Council,” adding that “priorities of the next government’s work is the eradication of poverty and unemployment and the provision of public services.” 
“We also attached importance to the work of the spirit of one team for all ministries in order to produce good results serving the Iraqi street,” stressing “what is stated in the Constitution on the rights and freedoms,” noting that “we will finish soon to complete the cabinet and there are no problems as Envisaged by some circles, “adding that” we presented the cabinet early to avoid a vacuum due to the end of the mandate that may lead to a crisis in the country. “

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