Kurdish source: Nigervan Barzani as president of Kurdistan in the state of “second”


Political situation

Monday 22 October 2018 All times are GMT
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BAGHDAD / A Kurdish source close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said on Monday that the post-election election results in Kurdistan indicate that Najran Barzani will be prime minister for a second term.

The source said, “the eye of Iraq News”, “The results of the election proved to be superior in the process of voting for the Kurds to choose their representatives in the new parliament, and became the Kurdistan Democratic Party represents the largest bloc in the new parliament.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the Kurdistan Democratic Party will form the new Kurdistan region, and the sighs indicate that Najran Barzani as prime minister of the region for a second term.”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) MP Majid Shankali called on Kurdish parties opposed to the results of the provincial parliament to resort to the judiciary and challenge them after a series of accusations against the Kurdistan Democratic Party of rigging and manipulation of votes. Finished



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