Electricity signs agreement with GE to develop energy sector


Date of release: 2018/10/21 14:26 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Electricity signed a cooperation agreement with US company «General Electric» to develop the energy sector in the country.
“The Ministry of Electricity, represented by Minister Qassim Mohammad Al-Fahdawi, has signed a joint cooperation agreement with GE, which was represented by the President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Services in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Joseph Anis,” said a statement from the ministry. The vision of the Iraqi government in the development of the energy sector and the revival of the national economy through the rehabilitation of a number of generating units and the conversion of a number to another cycle vehicle and the addition of new production units. 
“In addition to the processing of different power stations of different capacity and training of staff and advice to reduce the rumors in the distribution of electric power.” 
He pointed out that “will be preparing formulas for future contracts on the basis of this memorandum in preparation for the conclusion and then implement to resolve the crisis of electric power in the country.

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