Did US General Electric and Siemens AG share the $ 15 billion deal?



Economy News Baghdad:

A major conflict is taking place on the Iraqi arena, between the German companies Siemens and US General Electric to acquire contracts worth 15 billion dollars in the electricity sector, which has been suffering from poor production since 2003 and so far, led to a series of popular protests across the country, Basra province south of the country.

The Iraqi government signed under great pressure after Egypt announced the end of the electricity crisis by contracting with the German company Siemens, as demanded by a large number of Iraqis to contract with it, and became clear to all the conflict that is currently underway between General Electric and Siemens through advertising campaigns on social networking sites and gave them Solutions for Iraqis to end the electricity crisis.

On December 15, 2009 , the Ministry of Electricity signed a contract for the importation of 7 million megawatts of power plants from General Electric Company in the amount of US $ 3 billion to support the electricity network in Iraq. It also signed a contract with Siemens International to build new plants to produce electricity with a capacity of 3300 megawatts, in addition to several decades, but the production of Iraq from the national system is currently up to 8.2 thousand megawatts !.

The Financial Times newspaper said that the hopes of the German company Siemens to win a large contract to supply energy to Iraq faded after the Trump government intervened in favor of its rival, “General Electric “.

Siemens, based in Munich, Germany, appeared in the past few weeks close to securing a contract to supply power generation equipment to Iraq with capacity of 11 GW, in a deal said to be estimated at $ 15 billion .

When the competition between Siemens and General Electric reached its final stages, the US government pressed its Iraqi counterpart, Baghdad’s memo, that 7,000 Americans had died in the 2003 invasion to topple Saddam Hussein, the sources said. «General Electric» a large share of the deal .

After the leaks of the British newspaper popular anger inside Iraq, which made the Iraqi government to sign a memorandum of understanding with Siemens. The German government appeared to have put pressure on Baghdad. German Energy Minister Thomas Parais arrived in Baghdad and met several officials, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and House Speaker Mohammad Halabousi.

The Iraqi News Agency “conscious”, that the Ministry of Electricity signed an agreement with the German company Siemens to rehabilitate the units and electrical stations in Iraq .

“The Ministry of Electricity signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Siemens, ” the official agency of the Iraqi state said in a statement published Saturday evening .

“The memo includes support for Iraq in the area of ​​energy, ” she said.

“It also includes the rehabilitation of units and electric stations in all governorates,” the statement said, noting that the memorandum provides for “assistance to Iraq in the transfer of stations from one province to another, in addition to the use of advanced techniques in the generation of electric power, and the mechanism of transmission .”

And remains the Iraqi citizen wondering what will happen from the conflict between the international companies on the processing of electricity, will continue the crisis.


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