Deputy: More than 70% of the cabin of Abdul Mahdi will be granted confidence this week




Information / special … 
MP for the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction Alaa al – Rubaie, Sunday, for the resolution of more than 70% of the ministerial cabin of the Government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, revealing an agreement not to include the cabin of any Minister of the Government of Abadi or deputies of the current session. 
“As a result of the authorization by the reformists and the Fatah to Abdul Mahdi, the choice of his cabinet, the last push to resolve more than 70% of his government and the selection of names without informing the blocks on the candidates.” 
He added that “what hampered the resolution of the remaining 30% is the blocks to claim the electoral entitlement and impose certain names you want to be included in the new government lineup,” adding that “the vote on the government of Abdul Mahdi does not exceed this week.” 
He said that “it was agreed with Adel Abdul-Mahdi when he was mandated not to include any government minister from the government of Haider Abadi or a deputy member of parliament for the current session.”

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