Masoum delivers his last presidential term

Date of release: 2018/10/20 20:16

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} In a precedent is the first of its kind since the beginning of the new political scene of Iraq in 2003, the former President Fuad Masum handed over the last term of the presidency.

A source familiar with the Euphrates News} today that “infallible left his family and his presidential palace in the area of Jadiriya, which he occupied since assuming his duties as President of the Republic of Iraq in 2014 until Friday, the nineteenth of October this year after the assumption of his successor Barham Saleh for the presidency for the next four years “He said.

Masoum and his family decided to return to their old home in Baghdad, outside the walls of the Green Zone, amid expectations that they would return to Britain where he had lived after completing his duties. He has been a British citizen for years, He quickly abandoned it as soon as he took office in August 2014.

At a time when his peers still retain their second nationality alongside Iraq. They often return to capitals that have given them their nationality as a result of losing their government positions.

To that is infallible, its moderator banned its address to the luxury and sufficiency of the President, considering those titles alien to the Iraqi society.

The former president held a solemn reception at his residence in the Peace Palace on the morning of the first day of his swearing-in before the Iraqi Council of Representatives on October 3, in the presence of the Presidency and Presidential Office. The official office of the President of the Republic and senior aides in a step embodied the peaceful exchange of power, and was the subject of praise and welcome the various official circles, political and popular.

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