US pressure to cancel the economic deal for Iraq worth 15 billion

US pressure to cancel the economic deal for Iraq worth 15 billion
 one hour ago

US President Donald Trump’s administration has intervened to cancel a $ 15 billion deal that Siemens plans to complete to develop power plants in Iraq, US news reports said Thursday.

“The Iraqi government signed a memorandum of understanding with US General Electric last Monday after senior US officials warned Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi that the future of US-Iraqi relations would be jeopardized if his government accepted,” a Bloomberg report quoted Trump officials as saying. The deal with the German company “Siemens”.

Garrett Marquez, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said his country’s efforts came in the context of a very strong campaign to participate in the formation of the Iraqi government and to reduce Iranian influence through a comprehensive effort to expel the Iranians instead of inviting them. Washington suspects that Iran has pushed Iraqi leaders to continue the ” Siemens “as a means to reduce relations with the United States.

“The United States has also signed a broader memorandum of understanding with Iraq to build the energy sector and make the country independent in terms of energy, and this aims to resolve what has been a source of frustration for Washington for a long time, the dependence of Iraq on Iran to import natural gas, Iraq is about 12 million cubic meters of natural gas per day and represents a fifth generation of energy.

The US government learned last September that talks between the Iraqi government and Siemens about a contract to renew the entire energy sector in the country, and after the meeting of the CEO of the German company Joe Kaiser, with Prime Minister Abbadi in late September, was agreed in principle on a plan to install 11 gigawatts of power generation over four years and create thousands of jobs.

Senior US officials have warned Baghdad not to sign the final agreement with Siemens and have threatened to escalate. The Iraqi government has not immediately responded to the US request, which was sent through its embassy in Washington.

“We still believe that we have put the most useful and comprehensive plan for the Iraqi people at the negotiating table and extend beyond the energy infrastructure,” Siemens spokesman Philip Anbes said.

The US agency concluded that if the Iraqi government and General Electric agreed, the Boston-based US company will expand the power generation capacity in Iraq by 2 to 3 gigawatts by next summer. US companies will also help Iraq build energy production and transmission lines And develop its current capabilities, “while US officials expressed hope that the completion of the Convention before the fifth of November next, the date of entry into force of new US sanctions on Iran.

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