The formation of the government .. blocks wrestling and a costly head trying to gain time


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

What will be in the quilt of the 76-year-old Sheikh charged with forming a new government, Adel Abdul Mahdi?This question seems very difficult to be predicted amid the ambitions and ambitions of political blocs that are not convinced that Abdul Mahdi will complete his career to 2022, for several reasons, the most important is that the political forces are likely to be physically fit to shoulder the burdens of a critical stage as well as the complexities of the political scene.

At a time when Abdul Mahdi announced through his media office that he was in contact with the parliament to determine the appropriate day to present his cabinet and its government, the conflict between the political forces on the division of ministerial portfolios is raging.

Interior and Defense 

The conflict over the internal portfolio within the Shiite forces is offset by a fiercer conflict between the Sunni forces divided between the construction coalition led by Hadi al-Amiri and Muqtada al-Sadr. At a time when Sadr is trying to present Khaled al-Obeidi as a candidate for the Ministry of Defense, New, the alliance of the Sunni axis for his part refused to impose on them a candidate for a bag that is believed to be within the entitlement of the election.

New faces

To reach an end to the national conflict, all agreed that the task of choosing the ministers of defense and interior should be assigned to the prime minister in charge, according to the most important conditions, that the candidate for these ministries should not be a former cabinet minister.

Prime Minister without deputies

A few days after the assignment of Abdul Mahdi to form his government, spread in the sites of communication lists of presumed formations, including two positions for the Deputy Prime Minister, while, confirms a source familiar with the “tomorrow” Press that Abdul Mahdi will be enough minister within his cabinet to take the place of his deputy in his absence . This assertion undermines what was promoted by some aspiring forces to take up positions close to the post of prime minister.

Ministries by Governorate

The sources pointed out that the mechanism of distribution of ministerial portfolios in the upcoming government, which is on the table of dialogue is to have each governorate a portfolio of ministries except Baghdad and Basra, where each will have two ministerial portfolios. Among these portfolios, the construction alliance will have 13 ministerial portfolios and each portfolio has four to five candidates.

Your date is Parliament

Abdul Mahdi, in an attempt to narrow the time on the political forces trying to gain time to get more privileges, hit them a date under the dome of parliament to introduce his cabinet and its government, to gain time also if his cabinet was hampered to be able to remedy what can be remedied within the legal period of commissioning which Ends early next month.

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