Abadi announces his new post confirms: not retired from politics


Abadi announces his new position and confirms: will not retire politics
 Twilight News    
 10 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The current Prime Minister Haider Abadi, he will adopt the parliamentary prosecution in the political process during the next phase. 
And the circulation of the nomination of Abadi during the days of the formation of Adel Abdul-Mahdi for his new government, for the positions of foreign affairs and on behalf of the Prime Minister. 
However, the leader of the coalition “Nasr” Haidar Abadi issued a statement in this regard, which said: We are on the transformation of the structure of the authorities and the state, and I wanted to assure you the constants that I work for them and to avoid any interpretation does not match our vision and resolve.
1. Since the formation of the victory coalition announced that victory is a national project on citizenship and democracy and development and sound construction of the state to ensure the unity and well-being and sovereignty, regardless of our victory or loss of elections, and in any location we were, and the project of victory for all Iraqis, a project that includes entities and voters and organizations believe Victory as a national project and the destiny of a free, secure and united state. Today, I renew my commitment to the project of victory as a basis for its adoption and work in the Iraqi political arena. 
2. We will re-produce the victory coalition as a national project and in line with the current and future developments, 
so I will inform you that I will not retire from politics regardless of any executive location. What concerns me is the safety of the project of victory and work for it as a national alternative based on the achievements of our era, in addition to the vision and the will to continue our march. We believe it achieves the unity, prosperity and sovereignty of our beloved country, building state institutions properly and fighting corruption.
3. The next option and the basis I will adopt is the parliamentary prosecution with the mass of victory in addition to the political body outside the House of Representatives to lead the project of the comprehensive victory, which works to create the third force that express the class that does not find itself ethnic sectarian blocs and also segments of the middle class and cultural and civil. 
4. Victory does not demand any ministerial position in the next formation, but it may offer us positions in the equation of the next government, and if we find that a site serves our project and strengthens our position and impact and does not cause us to load projections and contradictions and consequences of what is going to be accepted with emphasis on our rejection of the abhorrent quota. 
5. I assure you again of our faith and determination to continue the victory as a comprehensive structural project that varies politically, socially, informally and culturally, and as a national alternative capable of competing and dealing with the emergency and strategic changes of the political process and the future of the country.
We have the balance of achievements, the public, the vital youth, the national elites, the project that crosses the sectarian, ethnic and partisan barriers. We have the internal and external acceptability of our discourse and our approach, all of which force us to continue to win as a national project.

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