Deputy for construction: Abdul-Mahdi will provide a full ministerial cabin to parliament next Saturday


Release date: 2018/10/16 20:56 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Said MP for the construction block Hamid al-Musawi, the Prime Minister in charge of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, will present his cabinet full cabinet in parliament on Saturday.
“What is happening today in the formation of the government, which was assigned to Abdul-Mahdi and the political movement led by the blocks that cost him the position, we find that there is political pressure exercised on him whenever the constitutional times approached to announce the government.” 
He added, “Maarha reconstruction and construction has not objected to one and so far did not hear from any block that has certain conditions,” pointing out that “the next government is the sixth government after 2003, which differ significantly in terms of circumstances and even the blocks and the House of Representatives as there are more than A view towards this government, including the supreme authority. ” 
He said that “Abdul-Mahdi put forward a program in agreement with the coalition of reform and construction and agreed to by the political blocs and any offering of benefits means a breach of the agreement and there is betting on the failure of the government and not held in a constitutional time.”
“The government will announce on Saturday next and this is confirmed by the leaders of the blocks and there will be a complete cabin is not like the previous sessions,” pointing out that “the House will vote on the cab with great conviction even if the leaders of the blocks on the deputies decision to abstain.”

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