America announces increased support for religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

US announces increased support for religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq

Baghdad Nahal Kabbani

The United States has announced its support for religious minorities in Iraq for $ 178 million as part of its foreign assistance programs, raising the total US aid to vulnerable communities in Iraq, as it called it to $ 300 million since fiscal year 2017, American Development Agency.

In a press release from the State Department yesterday, the ministry said preserving Iraq’s rich historical pluralism was crucial to the reintegration of Iraq’s ethnic and religious minorities into a peaceful society: “So the US efforts come to meet this goal and extend across government agencies. And in close partnership with community leaders. “

In response to immediate needs, more than $ 51 million has been disbursed in humanitarian aid to the lives of residents in Nineveh Plain and western Nineveh areas, including safe drinking water, food, shelter materials, household items, medical care and psychosocial support. Assistance in community recovery, such as funding of $ 9 million to support early recovery needs, and to restore access to services such as health and education.

It has also contributed to the economic recovery by funding $ 68 million to improve access to jobs and markets, support local businesses and revitalize the local economy, as well as $ 5 million to address methodological issues affecting minorities and prevent future rivalries.

In terms of clearance of ERW, total support amounted to approximately $ 37 million in support of the ERW survey, mine clearance and risk education in and around minority communities.This support has enabled the Department to increase the number of ERW ERs and US-funded risk awareness.

In the area of ​​social, economic and political empowerment, the United States provided $ 8.5 million in additional assistance to projects providing psychosocial services, legal support and initiatives to help collect evidence of human rights violations, increase minority representation in local and regional government, increase access to justice for children, The rule of law, and support for livelihoods and access to economic opportunities for vulnerable groups, totaling $ 18.5 million in 2017.It also contributed to the preservation of historic and cultural heritage sites by supporting $ 2 million in ongoing programs to support the preservation of cultural heritage sites in northern Iraq, targeted at their destruction by the Da’ash organization and other terrorist groups, and restoring access to important cultural heritage sites from communities Minorities.,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700214&usg=ALkJrhgCuEt6iRGL0_J6Twh5Gnznyl_M8g

Abadi: The current ministers have handed over their bags in full to the government of Abdul Mahdi


Political situation

Tuesday 16 October 2018 

Baghdad / .. The outgoing Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Tuesday, directed his ministers to hand over their bags in full to the next government.

“His current government has full constitutional powers,” Abadi said during his weekly press conference held at the government palace in central Baghdad. “He directed his ministers to hand over their bags in full to the next government.”

“It is his government’s duty to submit the fiscal budget for 2019, on time.”

Jubouri and Kubitsch discuss the formation of the government


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri discussed with the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Iraq Jan Kubic Tuesday the formation of the government and the latest political developments.

“Jubouri met with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, and discussed the latest developments and events on the political arena and ongoing dialogues between the blocks in order to speed up the resolution of the Cabinet Cab file.”

“People should be chosen for their minister based on their competence, integrity and good performance,” Jubouri said.

He stressed “the importance of taking into account the representation of all components of the Iraqi spectrum without marginalization or exclusion.”

Deputy for construction: Abdul-Mahdi will provide a full ministerial cabin to parliament next Saturday


Release date: 2018/10/16 20:56 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Said MP for the construction block Hamid al-Musawi, the Prime Minister in charge of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, will present his cabinet full cabinet in parliament on Saturday.
“What is happening today in the formation of the government, which was assigned to Abdul-Mahdi and the political movement led by the blocks that cost him the position, we find that there is political pressure exercised on him whenever the constitutional times approached to announce the government.” 
He added, “Maarha reconstruction and construction has not objected to one and so far did not hear from any block that has certain conditions,” pointing out that “the next government is the sixth government after 2003, which differ significantly in terms of circumstances and even the blocks and the House of Representatives as there are more than A view towards this government, including the supreme authority. ” 
He said that “Abdul-Mahdi put forward a program in agreement with the coalition of reform and construction and agreed to by the political blocs and any offering of benefits means a breach of the agreement and there is betting on the failure of the government and not held in a constitutional time.”
“The government will announce on Saturday next and this is confirmed by the leaders of the blocks and there will be a complete cabin is not like the previous sessions,” pointing out that “the House will vote on the cab with great conviction even if the leaders of the blocks on the deputies decision to abstain.”

Iraq’s policy includes a number of decisions related to the examinations

Twilight News

one hour ago

The Cabinet held its ordinary session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and discussed the draft federal budget law for the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019 was presented projects and financial allocations to ministries and was discussed in detail and vote on them.

It was voted on the exception of printing and processing the exam book for the sixth grade of the Council of Ministers Decision No. 272 of 2015 on the printing and implementation of government publications.

The Council voted on the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-Transitional Diseases for the years (2018-2022).

The session witnessed the vote on the adoption of the recommendations of the Committee of Diwan No. 20 of 2017 on negotiating with the Egyptian side on the ship Agnadin anchored at the port of Alexandria and determine its fate.

The decision to approve the recommendations of the Diwan Commission No. 45 of 2016 was approved by the Committee for the Coordination and Management of Government Activity towards Electronic Governance on the Secured Government Network.

The Council of Ministers also voted to allocate a sum of 500 million dinars to the Air Force Club for participating in the AFC final in Basra.


Akili: Parliament will hold a special session next Sunday, during which Abdul Mahdi half of his cabinet



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Revealed a member of the House of Representatives Siham al-Aqili, on Tuesday, the parliament’s intention to hold a special session next Sunday, during which Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi half of the ministry to vote on it and give them confidence to ensure that the constitutional durations are not exceeded.

“The confirmed news that the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi completed half his cabinet and intends to submit to parliament before the end of the constitutional period to complete the rest of the ministerial portfolios in the coming days.”

She added that “the names will be submitted to a special session on Sunday to give them confidence by the House of Representatives,” noting that “the names that will be provided will receive confidence without embarrassment as a large support to him by the conquest and others.”

The House of Representatives announced on Monday, raising its regular session to another notice.Finished 25 and

Abadi ‘s economy sets the price of oil barrels in the budget of 2019


Abadi sets the price of oil barrels in the budget of 2019
 21 minutes ago

Shafak News / Prime Minister Haider Abadi on Tuesday to determine the price of selling barrels of crude oil in the federal budget for the next year to $ 56 US.

Abadi said during his weekly press conference that he had instructed the current ministers to hand over their bags in full to the next government

He added that the government’s duty to submit the federal budget on time, with the adoption of $ 56 per barrel of crude oil, “saying that” the current government continues full constitutional authority in the face of terrorism. “