Abu Raghef reveals to the Euphrates the number of ministries of the government of Abdul Mahdi and how distributed {expanded}

Release date: 2018/10/13 0:20

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The spokesman for the current national wisdom, Nofal Abu Raghef, the number of ministries in the next government appointed by Adel Abdul Mahdi.

“The government will include 22 ministries, three of which will be for the Kurdish component and one for the components of the minorities,” said Abu Ragheef. “There are 18 ministries, nine of which go to the Coalition for Reform and Reconstruction, and the other nine to the building coalition, regardless of the names of these ministries.”

“We are with the comprehensive technocrats, taking into account the political technocrats,” he said. “We should not forget the partners who got an important position under the chairmanship of the parliament, and that should be considered.”

“We want a ministry of sovereignty and a ministry of services and we believe that the elections for us are three ministries and we will not insist on specific names, but we do not accept that the sites are taken by the names of entities and employ them, as we do not accept the imposition of candidates,

He pointed out that “the difference of wisdom for the rest of the forces is to bear the responsibility of his men in addressing the task.”

“As for the government program, Abdul-Mahdi was consulted and promised to submit his ministerial cabinet program, most notably the transformation of the economy from rent to product, expansion of decentralized administration and other issues,” he said. “The program is in the process of being finalized.

“We do not cling to government sites and ministries and our candidates in the previous ministries have achieved great successes and today we do not insist on a specific ministry and the importance of continuing to provide different performance in the faces and programs to achieve the aspirations of the people.”

“The stream of wisdom is the earliest in the empowerment of young people and women, and the imitation of this experience from other blocs is something we cherish and a guide to the success of our idea,” Abu Raghef said.

He called on “Abdul-Mahdi to go on with his return and the cabinet cabins and there is a decisive end in ending the agencies and to find a political balance in the change of independent bodies.”

He said that “the stream of wisdom is undisputed is the initiative and the response,” noting that “the reform alliance, which succeeded in passing the President of the Republic and moved away completely from the election of the Speaker of Parliament while building coalition won the round of selection of the Speaker of Parliament.”

“A political faction after 2003 can not block the passage of a political project, and what happened in parliament by choosing the presidencies is an unprecedented situation, as well as opening the door for electronic nomination to form the ministerial cabinet.”

Abu Raghef expressed his “hope that the Kurdistan Democratic Party will participate effectively in the next government.”

He stressed that “Abdel-Mahdi is one of the most visionary and defenders of the parliamentary system, and we believe the electronic nomination new movement, but we must advise the public that the Iraqi regime is a parliamentary, how come at the moment we destroy everything ?!”

He pointed out that before assigning Talmhdi to form a government, “we have reached a political blockage in reaching an alliance between the reform and reconstruction and the coalition of construction and the problem reached the complaint at the Federal Court, but in front of the pressure of the Supreme Council and the Iraqi street pushed us to agree on this mandate.”

“We have to wait a full year for the government to determine the position of going to the opposition, but we are strongly supporting the government of Abdul Mahdi,” Abu Raghef said. “This is our official opinion, but conditional.

“Iraq is meant to be a backyard for the liquidation of its accounts, which is unacceptable, but today everyone understands that it is in his interest to stabilize Iraq and be a bridge of communication,” he said.

The official spokesman for the wisdom stream, “The external intervention has been significantly reduced in the Iraqi arena.”

“We reject the election of the speaker of parliament, but we do not want the political scene to become more tense and there are priorities now, which is to form the government within the constitutional ceiling and implement the programs,” he said.

He added that “the stream of wisdom will have a firm stance of cheap credits in the purchase and sale of votes and we will have a difficult account for those who sold him for the money.”

On the truth of the news about his candidacy for ministerial and government positions, including the Ministry of Culture or the receipt of the post of governor of Wasit or the spokesman of the next government, Abu Raghef confirmed these candidacies, but stressed the lack of urgency events, “expressing” confidence in this mandate and remains subject to political merit and not competing for any site.

“Political Islam has not ended, but it has fallen significantly, and we do not mean the Islamic religion,” he said. “It is consistent and advanced and we believe that it is in the interest of the Islamic religion to keep it away from conflicts and political disputes and not to exploit this holy address.”



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