call to hold the governor of the Central Bank to “crush the dinar” Iraqi

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2 hours ago

The Economist Salam Samisem said on Monday that the governor of the Central Bank / Agency Ali Alalak committed a “big violation” by putting his name on the Iraqi currency in its new form.

“The change of signature is not something that is easy with a central bank governor. This signature is approved in the countries of the world, especially in international banks, which are members of the International Monetary Fund,” Samisem told Ashqelat. “Is there any currency for a strong country where a person is named? ? Has the Iraqi dinar been crushed to such a degree that it is carried out in the name of a person? ”

“He pointed out that” what he has done a major violation, especially as a conservative acting, and should be held accountable for what he did in Iraqi currency, “noting that” the relationship wanted to put his fingerprint illegally with the end of the current government and his departure from office. ”

The economic expert explained that “the solution to what has done the relationship, is to withdraw the currency from the market and re-issued by the old signature.”

In this regard , the central bank said that during the clarification on that “these currencies included writing the governor name instead of his signature in the old version, in line with what is the practice now in other countries, as modified dates Hijri and Gregorian dates (1440 -2018 m.)

Saw Last week, the Central Bank of Iraq launched small amounts of coins to the market with changes in its design

The new edition of the category of thousand dinars of surah Al-Ikhlas, where the new currency mediated by an Assyrian star preceded by the design of a statue, surrounded the circle where the Assyrian star phrase on the occasion of the inclusion of marshes Arra On the list of World Heritage 2016

and has added the name and signature of the Acting Governor Ali Mohsen Ismail on the new design of the coins.


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