Wisdom reveals the fact that the decision to move the government headquarters and the house of Abdul Mahdi outside the Green Zone

Policy  2018/10/07 14:48  1831  Editor: Mos

Baghdad today _ follow-up

On October 7, 2018, a member of the al-Hakama movement, Abdullah al-Zaidi, revealed the intention of Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi to move the government headquarters outside the Green Zone to the National Assembly building.

Zaidi said in a statement (Baghdad today) that “the seat of the government will remain in the Green Zone without change,” pointing out that “the dialogues between Adel Abdul Mahdi and parliamentary forces continue to resolve the names of ministers of the new government.”

The Russian station today quoted an Iraqi source described as early, Thursday, October 4, 2017, confirming the presence of the intention of Adel Abdul Mahdi, the task of forming the new Iraqi government, living outside the Green Zone.

The source said that “Abdul Mahdi, who lives in the Karrada area near the Green Zone, is looking to stay in it or somewhere other than the fortified Green Zone.” He wants to approach the Iraqi street and encourage the rest of the politicians to live among the people.

“It is still looking, but it is likely that Abdul Mahdi will be the first Iraqi prime minister after 2003 to leave the Green Zone.”

The Green Zone is located in central Baghdad and is also called the International Zone. It includes government offices and diplomatic missions, most notably the US Embassy, as well as the United Nations and European Union missions.


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