The Ministerial Security Council issues several resolutions

06:54 – 07/10/2018

BAGHDAD-Mawazine News

The Ministerial Council for National Security held Sunday, chaired by the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Al-Abbadi to take a number of decisions.

“During the meeting, the security situation was discussed and security and security efforts were maintained, and new plans were adopted in the pursuit of terrorist cells,” a statement by the prime minister’s office said. “A presentation was made on the security situation in Baghdad and the rest of the capital. Governorates “.

He added that “the working paper was also discussed mechanisms and controls and address cases of tax evasion and customs and raise a number of recommendations and guidance on them,” stressing that “the subject of the controls of the end user certificate has been discussed, and a decision on it.”

He added that “the memorandum of understanding on the work of security men and the protection of aircraft in the Turkish airspace has been approved.”

He added that “cooperation was also discussed with the Libyan side in the fight against terrorism,” pointing out that “new mechanisms have been approved to facilitate the granting of features of entry to investors to Iraq.” Finished 29 /

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